Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dorset Cereals - please vote for my blog

Dorset Cereals little awards
I came 2nd which was wonderful.
Voting starts again today, so get those buttons pressed x

Saturday, 27 February 2010

M on W day 22 - Mrs Lewis

If you've been hurt or injured whilst delivering Meals on Wheels then call our injury helpline..........

Mrs Lewis thank you for juggling 2 cups of tea whilst falling down the kitchen step and not breaking your finger or the cups. And yes it IS what all kitchen floors will be wearing this season: puddles of tea!

Thank you for the most delicious beef bourguignon, mashed potatoes and beans. Again Mr Cheese had 2 portions (think he's needs to build up his stamina for next weeks race!!!!). The lemon pudding was really really lovely. A huge thank you for the lovely food and the dramatic tumble. Hope you're ok xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Made me laugh out loud!

new necklaces

These necklaces are making their way to Crewkerne, Somerset to a lovely shop called Delilah Petal.
Bye bye

M on W day 21 - Mrs Geldart

Woopdeedoody! Moles on wheels has delivered a fabulous chicken and leek pie. Mr Cheese had his usual 2 portions. However, the pie was overshadowed by the amazing lime and chocolate cheesecake. I figured that as it had lime in it (fruit) and I had 2 pieces it counted as 2 of my five a day. Correct? Thought so ;-)
Thanks Moley it was lovely x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The haircut

I've been pestered to show people the new 'do' so I've added a photo on my profile. Don't get used to it as I got my wig prescription from hospital today. No, it's not in tablet form! Picking up the new hair next week hopefully. My sister advised me against the NHS wig as she said the one she tried on resembled a old tabby cat...........

cushions again

I'm really craving squishy comfort. Look I've found some more lovely ones.
roddy & ginger
scrabble pillows
donna wilson

The Onion.........

Back in again this morning for a prod and a poke. Am in so much pain and am quite grumpy with it. Think I've inherited my mother's allergy to plasters too. OW OW OW!!!

I will find out details of my grand tour of the chemo 'suite' at Mount Vernon hospital. Sounds interesting. I have to attend a 3 hour session this week on how to maintain my health throughout the treatment and also I'll be having make-up tips. Mmmmmm, I'm thinking this will probably be how to draw on eyebrows. Well what else could it be?

Need to have little things to look forward to......... shopping, coffee, cake.......anyone?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Nurse Jackie

Just about to watch the last episode in the series.................sob!

Nice and comfy

I'm in a bit of comfy mood at the moment.
I have a cushion 'thing' going on.
These are just lovely.....and snuggle!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

lovely old magazines

On a visit to the junk shop on Chapel St (Mr Cheese hates me going there) I found these old magazines. I love the design and the 'dirty' colours.

Friday, 19 February 2010

The haircut

Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law, nurse Cheese. It has been absolutely brilliant having her here to look after us this week. The Cheeselets loved the games of UNO (even if you did cheat!!!!) We're really missing you (and the ironing basket isn't empty) LOVE YOU x

Nurse Cheese came with me to have my hair cut yesterday and what a weird old day it turned out to be. Looking at all my hair on the floor was sad. Just to think if we'd scooped it all up I could have had a lovely wig made. Such a waste. My new haircut looks a little like Dannii Minogue's but without the aussie accent and botox. I actually really like it. Maybe I'll grow it back to this style???? Thanks Natasha, you made it look fab! It's odd knowing it's only temporary, it'll be gone in few weeks (and I'll try not to cry).

The next stop on our grand day out was a wig shop near Kensington High street. Chosing a wig which isn't a fashion accessory but something that will enable me to carry on with my life was very emotional. Looking at all the spooky mannequins on the shelf staring back at us was at first frightening, then funny. The lady was very helpful and I sat down with my head sock on ready to try my new hairstyles. You have to try what's out on the shelf and if you decide on that style then they go find it in the right colour. We were trying not to laugh out loud as I tried the blond one on. I looked like Paul/Pauline Calf........... dead sophisticated Julie! One made me look like my large haired eldest. That was just too weird. I've decided on one that's just like my old long hair but it looks just like 'I've just stepped out of a salon'. There was a man buying a wig at the same time as I was trying on. I couldn't quite make out if he'd bought the 'Jemima' or the 'Sapphire'.............

We went to Harrods for a 'try on' too. Considering they are THE world's most famous store, they were a bit short on staff in the old wig shop. We left after poking fun at some hideous slippers in the men's dept.

I bought a new headscarf too. I tried it on today and went to visit Mr & Mrs Bowen. I showed them what I'd look like with it on and asked if they'd also like me to read their palms. Might take some getting used to!!!!!!!! Cross my palm with silver x

M on W day 20 - Mme Ray

Merci Mme Ray for a wonderful le crueset chicken (I'd like to have that pot please :-). It was absolutely delicious and I REALLY want the recipe. My nurse cheese loved it too.
Also I'd like to say a massive thank you for the box of dark orange chocolates. They were really lovely xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Onion.........

I found out today that cancer wasn't found in the tissue they removed in last week's operation. It is, however, 'active' tissue. If there is anything nasty in there then the chemo will kill it. So I think I'm sighing a very small sigh of relief.
The oncologist (or his senior registrar) was incredibly nice. She talked through all of the treatment. I will have to have 6 lots of chemotherapy. The first will probably be on the 8th March, and I will have it every three weeks after that. I now fully understand how awful I'm going to feel. I'm not to be hard on myself and must learn to take things really slowly. My immune system will be taking a massive battering so I'm going to have to keep on top of my health. This will be followed by 3 1/2 weeks of radiotherapy every day. This will start mid August (so that means no summer holiday for us this year). Send us a postcard!
Apparently after the first treatment my hair will start thinning and will fall out after the second. Oh hell!!!! I'm going into London tomorrow to have my hair cut short(er). I'm then going to go and look for wigs. I'm pleased that lovely nurse Cheese will be with me as I'm feeling quite fragile at the moment. In all seriousness, this is THE scariest thing I've ever experienced. I'm trying to stay positive but it's really really hard. I've decided against the scarf option as I'm not sure it's really me and don't think I'm ready for the sympathetic glances in Waitrose.
I'm hoping I'll get my Mojo back soon, as Cheryl would say.............

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Onion.........

I'm back in hospital to get the results of the last operation and to talk to the oncologist about the course of treatment I'll need and when it will all start.

I'm quite nervous of the whole chemotherapy thing. Today I tried a headscarf on just to see how it looked and got quite tearful. Not really looking forward to the loss of my barnet. My lovely nurse Cheese has bought a hair dye to 'cover' my greys (I think they're offending her). Spent a good 15 mins in Boots deciding whether I was a warm chestnut or a dark mahogany. I've never really given hair colour so much thought. My large haired eldest (he has THE most beautiful hair) has sympathetically advised me that I WILL lose all my hair. But it will grow back mum, it will just be grey and wiry though. Oh bless him. I need to get it cut short in the next couple of weeks. The last time I had short hair I was twenty something and considerably thinner. Not sure a gamine crop would suit my old wrinkly chops. Oh well it has to be done.

Mrs Twelly has found a wig shop in Paddington so need to get there as soon as possibe so that I'm armed. Don't think I'll be adventurous and go a blond bubble perm or an orange Lilly Allen (see the the Brits 2010). I'll play it safe.

Deep breaths..................

Flowers on wheels

Thank you Mrs Mills for delivering a beautiful bunch of your new designer flowers. They are lovely. Also thank you too for my 'hamper' of goodies. Am getting through your stash of DVD's and all the choc and sweeties seem to have evaporated x x x x

M on W day 19 - Mrs Bowen

We have just eaten Lou's amazing Spanish garlic chicken and potato dish. I know it was the same dish as last time BUT I did ask for it as it's sooooooo tasty. Thank you for driving over from Finchley with it too. That truly was Meals on Wheels.
We now call it 'Lou's lovely chicken'.

You're a star xxxxx

Monday, 15 February 2010

M on W day 18 - Mrs Bragg

Thank you so much for a very healthy helping of delicious fishcakes. They were really really tasty.
It has to be said though that your marvellous meringues stole the show. Perfectly chewy and crispy and YUMMY! Miss Cheese has put these at the top of her pudding list.
Thanks Mrs B x

M on W day 17 - Mrs Ineson

Hooray Saturday night in with a fabulous curry. Our large haired eldest was extremely grateful that you delivered his favourite meal. Clean plate club for all the Cheesies and our young guest, Mr VW. A BIG thank you too for another plate of Tim's Cookies (Mr Cheese had to go for a big run as he ate 2 1/2). Thank you both xx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

M on W day 16 - Mrs Twelftree (part 2)

Oh Mrs T you are spoiling us (Methinks she's feeling guilty for spending her day dreaming about Robbie).
She gave us a lovely bottle of valentine bubbles and a fantastic Spanish and chorizo chicken dish. thanks Twelly it was absolutely delicious. Now you can get back to listening to Mr Williams x

ps thank you for driving over and being a very kind and thoughtful friend and for looking after me when I was feeling very fragile. NO CRYING ok?
Love you Twelly xxxxxx

HaPpY VaLeNtInEs dAy ♥

Love you Mr Cheese x


M on W day 16 - Mrs Twelftree

Hello...........Wendover can you hear me? Where's my dinner?

This is what we ate. It was all we had in the cupboard. Twelly was out shopping in Bicester Village with Mrs Gunson and that cleaner woman Hilda. They were probably busy buying birthday pressies for Robbie Williams.
I hope you had a lovely day shopping and eating nice things. Don't worry about us. Sniff!

Friday, 12 February 2010

valentine be mine...................

Do you think Mr Cheese has got me one of these for our 22 anniversary?
I think I read somewhere 22 years = most beautiful chair in the whole wide world.
Can I have it huh? Can I? Huh? Can I? You don't need to wrap it.

cherner chair

M on W day 15 - Mrs Salmon

Mrs Salmon popped in for a quick cuppa and a catch up when she delivered the tastiest Spaghetti bolognaise. We had a lovely chat and before you knew it Mr Salmon was wondering where she was as her supper was getting cold. Sorry Mrs S, we must learn to stop gassing!!!!

It was a really lovely supper and the cupcakes were fabulous xx

Thursday, 11 February 2010

2 sooops

Dear Nurse Mole arrived today with 2 sooooops for lunch. One soooop and.............. another soooop.

Very kind of you to bring a lovely lunch, thanks Mole x


M on W day 15 - Mrs Nicholson

Hooray hooray M on W is back on the road. We were just rubbing the fridge door praying that a Genie would appear ........and she did. Bless you Netty.

She arrived with a cracking (must stop with the david dickensonisms) mushroom risotto and a box of rather posh italian biccies.

We are grateful that you stopped by Mrs N, especially as you were feeling so grotty too. We hope you are feeling better today. Thanks for the lovely feast xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well the operation went well. My consultant was happy with the surgery but obviously can't give anything away. I shall have to wait until next week for the results. I have the greatest admiration for her and the nursing staff at St Albans. They are a great team and I salute them. I was grateful that the ever smiling nurse Heather was there to wheel me down for my operation. At least this time I went under smiling. Where was she last time, when I was a sobbing wreck? I gave them a few boxes of M&S chocolates to help them get through those long shifts (the least I could do). Thank you ladies.

I got home yesterday and have spent the last 24 hours in a state of semi-consciousness. I am spending the day in my pj's, in and out of bed. Think 3 operations in 6 weeks is taking it's toll.

I was roused this morning by Mrs Littler's call of 'tart'. She knows the way to my heart. Thanks for the medicine and chat, hope you managed to get your chores done.

Now back to David Dickenson.................

ps I forgot to mention lovely Fernando. He was my anesthetist for the day. As he administered the sleepy stuff he said night night sweet dreams, ah bless him. Better than the last one who was dressed in Del Boy's cast off sheepskin coat and didn't say a word as he brandished the syringe. A kind word said at the right moment goes a long long long way, and can make for happy dreams.

Monday, 8 February 2010

The Onion.........

I'm going into hospital today (gulp!) I won't be wittering on here for a few days. I'll see you when I get back. I might be a bit sore and tired so will be lying down watching car-booty-cash-in-the-attic-flog-your-granny.
I'm armed with ear plugs, magazines and books to get me through.
See you all soon

Sunday, 7 February 2010

M on W day 14 - Mrs Littler

Well what can we say...........? Mrs L has cooked up the juiciest meatballs we've ever eaten. Top scran Mrs L. Really really tasty x. (ps it wasn't a small bowl, the pasta tubes were really big)

Only one slight problem, not sure what to do with those tinned things you gave us for pudding. I'm just putting them into the microwave on full power, is that right?????? They seem to be making quite a lot of noise and there are blue sparks. Mmmmmmm this is the most exciting pud we've ever experienced.
Hang on.......................nee nur nee nur nee nur nee nur nee nur!

Visitors (Miss Muir & Master Devlin)

A little mention to some of my smallest visitors (and their mum's).

Little Miss Muir stopped by last week and brought with her some lovely muffins. They were really lovely, thank you Miss Muir (say a big thank you to your mummy too) xxxx

Master Devlin drove by in his buggy to deliver some lovely flowers and a yummy 'nana' bread. Thanks Thomas, I hope your mummy went home and made you some more, it was really tasty. xxxx


As I'm going to parted from my computer (and blogging) for a few days I thought I'd go mad. These are some of the bracelets I have made.

Mrs Cuthbert ;-)

Mrs Cuthbert (she's the perfect mother and housewife in everyway. She never has a hair out of place and even wears make-up 5 minutes after giving birth), has whizzed up another delicious sounding dish and dropped it off at Mrs Cooper's house.
My thanks to lovely Mrs Cooper for assisting her and stepping in to deliver this great dish xx

M on W day 13 - Mrs Hunt

Old 'light fingers Hunt' and her young accomplice 'Alice from the Palace' brought a wonderful Tuna lasagne (and a separate one without mushrooms for Miss cheese), ice cream, raspberries and caramel shortbreads. It was a delicious feast, thanks to all xx
I had to check the jewels before they left, they tried to distract us with a toilet visit. Nice try ladies!
x x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

breakfast-on-wheels - Ms Simms (Shedd)

It seems that news of the Cheese-a-thon appeal has reached the good people living in the outlying villages. This morning we had our breakfast delivered. Fresh blackcurrant muffins and eggs. Thanks Barbara Good and Jerry (?) What would Margot and Tom make of it?
Delicious xx

M on W day 12 - Mrs Groves

Mrs Groves and her lovely assistant Hills delivered a very tasty cottage pie and THE most fantastic treacle tart (definately 10 out of 10) 2 portions for all!!!
Thank you so much, it was lovely xx

Mr Cheese said that her choice of serving vessel was very interesting.
Is this a new Orla designer bowl Mrs G? ;-)

Friday, 5 February 2010

M on W day 11 - Mrs Bowen (part 2)

Oh thank goodness someone saw fit to tell her I only eat ready prepared food. I was beginning to fret about the veg medley option. Didn't think it went well with toast and an out of date cuppa soup.

We have eaten the most fantastic Spanish garlic chicken with saute potatoes and mixed salad.

If this is panic cooking Lou, then you're a genius. Anytime you fancy panic cooking again please count me in. AMAZING!!!!! Thanks for helping her peel the garlic Pete.
Muchas gracias amigos x

M on W day 11 - Mrs Bowen

Vegetable medley! Is this Bowen's idea of a joke? Didn't anyone tell her it had to be cooked? I don't 'do' cooking anymore. I can re-heat and serve.........that's it. What do I do with a bag of frozen veg? Even Delia doesn't have a cheat's recipe for this.
Jeez Louise!

Healing hands

I attended the monthly 'stitching and bitching' session last night. It was hosted by lovely Mrs Brown. She laid on a wonderful spread. A chocolate cake the size of a large hat, wine, chocolates and biscuits laid out in a very calm (very tidy) sitting room. I'd like to know where all your 'stuff' is Kate. It was lovely, thank you. Once again no stitching was done, just a lot of.........chatting. I think we covered every topic girls.
Actually to be fair Mrs Russell did stitch. However she wasn't concentrating and dropped a few stitches, good job she had her trusted knitter's manual to hand. Jules (Mrs Russell) works flat out helping to make the wonderful 'Number Twenty' on Lower Kings Road the loveliest gift shop in town. She makes all those fabulous sweets and treats that they sell. It's a great shop and worth a visit (and remember your purchases are helping to support the Hospice of st Francis)
Hospice of St Francis
Number Twenty
The fourth member of this little band is Mrs Robertson. I have to put in a special mention here as this lovely lady has filled my freezer with her lovely spag bol and has brought me several delicious cakes in my hours of need (the lemon drizzle was fab). She also took me to Sanouk last week for a little jaunt, which was great. Thanks Sheila.
All in all a lovely evening, thanks ladies x

Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have to mention my lovely neighbour Mari-the cake (as we'd say in Wales). She can obviously sense that Mr Cheese and I are simply not getting our full quota of cake. Today's doorstep delivery was AMAZING. A huge amount of brownies and blondies.
I'm not even going to bother photographing them (she'd only mock my pathetic attempts to make food look beautiful). So thanks for being a kind neighbour and for making sure we don't waste away. I'm sensing there might be a few knocks on our door tomorrow from hungry friends..........



Yesterday the White-Marsh's came to see me before they embark on a 2 year travelling holiday. I'm NOT jealous. It was so lovely to see them and am grateful they took time out of their busy schedule to come and eat my cake and biscuits. I'll really miss the banter at work with you KW and all your non PC remarks. Ah I'm smiling writing this thinking of all the misspellings on those future postcards. Good luck my lovelies and Bon Voyage. Missing you already, now get on with your packing xx

Mrs Hutchinson (nee Cheese) came by today. She battled her way around the M25 and brought with her a huge bag of goodies. She's always been my favourite Chloe ;-)

Before she went she managed to eat what was left of Mrs Salmon's posh pasty and she walked off with a brownie too. (She NEEDS that brownie recipe asap Mrs S). She's planning another visit but insists that the M on W menu be forwarded to her so she can make a decision.
Thanks for stopping by Mrs H and emptying my fridge ( how can you live with yourself, eating a sick woman's food) xx

M on W day 10 - Mrs Salmon

We took delivery of the very exotic sounding Salmon Koulibiac . Very clever of Mrs Salmon to opt for an eponymous dish. It was a really tasty salmon, vegetable and rice parcel and I had to have 2 portions (can't let Mr Cheese eat all the pie). Paul thinks Koulibiac is posh for pasty (he's from up north you know).
Thank you Mrs S. It was delicious x

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

M on W day 9 - Mrs Ineson

Mrs Ineson delivered a huge chilli and rice dish. It was absolutely fantastic and yet again Mr Cheese had 2 plate fulls....... Really really tasty. Thanks Mrs I.
There has to be a special mention here for Mr Ineson's cookies. OMG!!! The cheeselets squealed with delight and ate 2. These are seriously good cookies. A BIG thank you from all xx

The Onion.........

Just had a phone call from the hospital. They've had a cancellation. My operation is now on Monday 8th. I need to be there at 10.30 for surgery in the afternoon. I can have an early breakfast apparently. Better build myself up. I'm not looking forward to more mash potatoes and strawberry cream pudding............ hospital food is very good for the waistline.


Thought I'd show you some of the things that I make. These are some of the many necklaces I've created (i won't be able to make any for a while as my arm doesn't work properly) Grrrrrrr!
I'll be taking photos of bracelets soon. They don't want to feel left out.
A nice lady phoned me the other day and she wants to sell them in her new shop. Woohoo!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Onion.........

Another hospital visit today and we've peeled another layer. This was to see the consultant to discuss the next operation. I will have to have more surgery as the results from the tissue taken from the partial masectomy have shown there are cancer cells in the 'safety net' of tissue removed surrounding the tumor. The operation was scheduled for 15th Feb (day after Mr Cheese & I celebrate 22 years of lurve!!!). However, today she's brought it forward to the thurs 11th. Have phoned chief nurse Mole and she'll be having the cheeselets for a sleepover. Oh they'll be sooooo happy. Thanks again Mrs G xxx

Hospital visits are strange. I'm now so used to seeing the inside of waiting rooms and flicking through the piles of rubbish mags. I really must remember to take a book with me next time as I've read everything in that waiting room (twice). Today the TV was tuned into the Jeremy Kyle show AND they put the volume on. HOLY CRAP! That is one hell of a show. Looking around the waiting room the people who seemed to be enjoying it most were the husbands/partners. They were all shaking their heads and tutting but not one of them turned away! It really is car crash TV.

After my appointment and chat with the wonderful consultant and marvellous Macmillan nurse I was sent for blood tests. Due to the fact there was a clinic on in the Pathology dept in St Albans I was to sent to Hemel. We parked the car in Asda car park. It was like I was on the set of my very own Jeremy Kyle episode. It was all white bread and tramp stamps. Quick where's the remote control, change the channel!!!!!!!!!!

Minor irritations

I'm bracing myself for his royal Cheeseness to compose something witty on the subject of 'minor irritations in the family', an article we've just watched on GMTV. Well if it were their intention to cause family rows first thing in the morning, then they've truly succeeded. Don't even get me started on the dishes above the dishwasher.
I look forward to a day of 'see........I .told you's'. Joy!

Here are the top ten bugbears (via GMTV)
1. Dirty clothes dumped next to the washing basket
2. Toothpaste in the sink
3. Over-flowing bins
4. Wee on the toilet seat
5. Skid marks in the toilet
6. Tissue left in pockets in the wash
7. Leaving empty toilet roll holders
8. Toilet seat left up
9. Empty cartons and boxes in the back of the cupboard or fridge
10. Leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor

Monday, 1 February 2010

M on W day 8 - Mme Ray

Mme Ray certainly cooked up a gourmet repas avec des roues, with the fancy sounding 'Filet de porc ratatouille'. It was a really really tasty pork and rice dish with peppers, courgette and aubergine. We are fully paid up members of the clean plate club.

Tres bien Mme R, grand bissous, la famille fromage x

ps I forgot to mention the very retro pineapple thingy. How very 70's of you Mme Ray. Lovely x

M on W day 7 - Mrs Bragg

There was almost a fight on the doorstep between the French & English. Mme Ray arrived with dinner too (whatever we do we mustn't let Mrs Littler know). So, after we split them up, we had Mrs Bragg's amazing chicken korma. Our large haired eldest almost licked his plate clean. Our fluffy youngest polished off the popadums in one go.

A VERY successful dinner. Oh and thanks for the 'healthy' option pud too. The fruit salad was fab!

Thanks ever so Mrs B X

Mme Ray we're looking forward to yours tonight.