Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Onion.........

Back in again this morning for a prod and a poke. Am in so much pain and am quite grumpy with it. Think I've inherited my mother's allergy to plasters too. OW OW OW!!!

I will find out details of my grand tour of the chemo 'suite' at Mount Vernon hospital. Sounds interesting. I have to attend a 3 hour session this week on how to maintain my health throughout the treatment and also I'll be having make-up tips. Mmmmmm, I'm thinking this will probably be how to draw on eyebrows. Well what else could it be?

Need to have little things to look forward to......... shopping, coffee, cake.......anyone?


  1. Happy to provide (cake) and escort (retail therapy) anytime! xxx

  2. Thanks Lovely, glad you clarified the escort bit (i thought I was on for a 'young man'.......he he!

  3. Bless you Mrs C. Cakes and shopping (window only in my case) whenever you feel up to it.......Trip to Lewes on 6th March? have promised Foof I won't come back with a mirror this time...Do you think skinny Liz will have something else to tempt me? xxx

  4. Wishing, wishing I was closer. I've never knowingly not responded to cake and shopping call, and it's not the same without you anyway!
    Stay strong Cheesey, the South West regiment is mustered and ready for the fight! The Sargent Major says it may get tough but a stiff upper lip and a bit of true grit is all it takes to finish off the bosch/hun/fuzzywuzzy/problem (delete where not applicable). Am already planning your Hero's return and medal ceremony - that's so a trip to VV Rouleaux for ribbon!
    Sending Cornish love/support/hugs/prayers. E x

  5. Think we need to take the seats out of the back of the car Moley. Skinny Liz here we come. Cupboards, chairs and mirrors......it's very good medicine Foof ;-) x

    Wish you were closer too Em. Might need to come to cornwall for some sea air and fish'n'chips soon. Looking forward to the medal ceremony too xx

  6. Come WHENEVER! We would love to see you. We can do sea air, surfing (wet suit-yeah right), pasties, cream teas and fish and chips, just say the word. Off to make 'The Cheeses' door plate for spare room. Hurrah! xx

  7. Cake is always good isn't it? Eat lots and often.

    I'm fascinated by the eyebrow drawing lessons and am struggling to get the image of the Reeves and Mortimer 'Lovejoy' sketch out of my head - best not use a blue biro!

    By the way, I love your new 'do', I hope your wig is based on this style.

    Lots of love and luck for this week's forays into new territories

    Sally xxx