Friday, 5 February 2010

M on W day 11 - Mrs Bowen (part 2)

Oh thank goodness someone saw fit to tell her I only eat ready prepared food. I was beginning to fret about the veg medley option. Didn't think it went well with toast and an out of date cuppa soup.

We have eaten the most fantastic Spanish garlic chicken with saute potatoes and mixed salad.

If this is panic cooking Lou, then you're a genius. Anytime you fancy panic cooking again please count me in. AMAZING!!!!! Thanks for helping her peel the garlic Pete.
Muchas gracias amigos x


  1. the meals on wheels photos seemed to be amazing, I thought that my veg in a bag with a cuppa soup would not do!!! After a tiring day with the lovely Jo Gunson, I stormed into my house in a mild panic!! Well not mild...more moderate to severe!! Anyway, with thanks to Pete, the garlic peeler, and sherry sipping whilst adding it to the chicken....all was well. Thanks for the complements Nerys...were you stinking of garlic the next day? A child at school said that I smelt of kitchens!! xxx

  2. I know you'd had a hellish week working with the naughty boys of Wendover and appreciate the wonderful dish you prepared. Bless Pete for hitting the bottle whilst you were tearing round the kitchen in a panic.
    AND yes we wondered why people avoided us the day after........ 20 cloves of garlic!!!!!!!!! xxxx