Friday, 5 February 2010

Healing hands

I attended the monthly 'stitching and bitching' session last night. It was hosted by lovely Mrs Brown. She laid on a wonderful spread. A chocolate cake the size of a large hat, wine, chocolates and biscuits laid out in a very calm (very tidy) sitting room. I'd like to know where all your 'stuff' is Kate. It was lovely, thank you. Once again no stitching was done, just a lot of.........chatting. I think we covered every topic girls.
Actually to be fair Mrs Russell did stitch. However she wasn't concentrating and dropped a few stitches, good job she had her trusted knitter's manual to hand. Jules (Mrs Russell) works flat out helping to make the wonderful 'Number Twenty' on Lower Kings Road the loveliest gift shop in town. She makes all those fabulous sweets and treats that they sell. It's a great shop and worth a visit (and remember your purchases are helping to support the Hospice of st Francis)
Hospice of St Francis
Number Twenty
The fourth member of this little band is Mrs Robertson. I have to put in a special mention here as this lovely lady has filled my freezer with her lovely spag bol and has brought me several delicious cakes in my hours of need (the lemon drizzle was fab). She also took me to Sanouk last week for a little jaunt, which was great. Thanks Sheila.
All in all a lovely evening, thanks ladies x

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