Monday, 1 February 2010

M on W day 7 - Mrs Bragg

There was almost a fight on the doorstep between the French & English. Mme Ray arrived with dinner too (whatever we do we mustn't let Mrs Littler know). So, after we split them up, we had Mrs Bragg's amazing chicken korma. Our large haired eldest almost licked his plate clean. Our fluffy youngest polished off the popadums in one go.

A VERY successful dinner. Oh and thanks for the 'healthy' option pud too. The fruit salad was fab!

Thanks ever so Mrs B X

Mme Ray we're looking forward to yours tonight.


  1. Our large haired eldest has voted this meal his favourite so far. He was wondering if you wouldn't mind putting it on the menu again Mrs Bragg. x

  2. Oh and ps Fluffy youngest would like 2 bags of popadums next time please ;-) x