Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Onion.........

I'm back in hospital to get the results of the last operation and to talk to the oncologist about the course of treatment I'll need and when it will all start.

I'm quite nervous of the whole chemotherapy thing. Today I tried a headscarf on just to see how it looked and got quite tearful. Not really looking forward to the loss of my barnet. My lovely nurse Cheese has bought a hair dye to 'cover' my greys (I think they're offending her). Spent a good 15 mins in Boots deciding whether I was a warm chestnut or a dark mahogany. I've never really given hair colour so much thought. My large haired eldest (he has THE most beautiful hair) has sympathetically advised me that I WILL lose all my hair. But it will grow back mum, it will just be grey and wiry though. Oh bless him. I need to get it cut short in the next couple of weeks. The last time I had short hair I was twenty something and considerably thinner. Not sure a gamine crop would suit my old wrinkly chops. Oh well it has to be done.

Mrs Twelly has found a wig shop in Paddington so need to get there as soon as possibe so that I'm armed. Don't think I'll be adventurous and go a blond bubble perm or an orange Lilly Allen (see the the Brits 2010). I'll play it safe.

Deep breaths..................


  1. Good luck Mrs Cheese - thinking of you. You a very very brave. x x x

  2. Cheesey i'm sending you a virtual bear hug, wish i was there to help you through all this sh*t with my whitty banter and un appropiate comments, but you have a fantastic gorgeous family and friend network. I hear you even got a visit from the LF :)

    Hope the results are good, do you get a badge like in swimming or gym that we need to sew onto your pants?

    love you xxxxx

  3. Wednesday night and still nothing on either of your blogs. Anxious to hear how you got on today,XXX