Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Onion.........

Another hospital visit today and we've peeled another layer. This was to see the consultant to discuss the next operation. I will have to have more surgery as the results from the tissue taken from the partial masectomy have shown there are cancer cells in the 'safety net' of tissue removed surrounding the tumor. The operation was scheduled for 15th Feb (day after Mr Cheese & I celebrate 22 years of lurve!!!). However, today she's brought it forward to the thurs 11th. Have phoned chief nurse Mole and she'll be having the cheeselets for a sleepover. Oh they'll be sooooo happy. Thanks again Mrs G xxx

Hospital visits are strange. I'm now so used to seeing the inside of waiting rooms and flicking through the piles of rubbish mags. I really must remember to take a book with me next time as I've read everything in that waiting room (twice). Today the TV was tuned into the Jeremy Kyle show AND they put the volume on. HOLY CRAP! That is one hell of a show. Looking around the waiting room the people who seemed to be enjoying it most were the husbands/partners. They were all shaking their heads and tutting but not one of them turned away! It really is car crash TV.

After my appointment and chat with the wonderful consultant and marvellous Macmillan nurse I was sent for blood tests. Due to the fact there was a clinic on in the Pathology dept in St Albans I was to sent to Hemel. We parked the car in Asda car park. It was like I was on the set of my very own Jeremy Kyle episode. It was all white bread and tramp stamps. Quick where's the remote control, change the channel!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Fingers crossed you'll be home in time for your 22nd anniv! Think of all the Mr Kyle you will be able to watch during your recovery ;-)
    Check out the facebook link sent about Kirsty Wark's tarty number! xxxxxxx

  2. She's a brazen hussy! She's probably having a fling with the camera man.
    Looking forward to more hospital food and daytime tv. x

  3. Me thinks M's on W's need to stretch to the hosp......wonder if the "Master Chef" delivers that far....! x