Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Onion.........

I found out today that cancer wasn't found in the tissue they removed in last week's operation. It is, however, 'active' tissue. If there is anything nasty in there then the chemo will kill it. So I think I'm sighing a very small sigh of relief.
The oncologist (or his senior registrar) was incredibly nice. She talked through all of the treatment. I will have to have 6 lots of chemotherapy. The first will probably be on the 8th March, and I will have it every three weeks after that. I now fully understand how awful I'm going to feel. I'm not to be hard on myself and must learn to take things really slowly. My immune system will be taking a massive battering so I'm going to have to keep on top of my health. This will be followed by 3 1/2 weeks of radiotherapy every day. This will start mid August (so that means no summer holiday for us this year). Send us a postcard!
Apparently after the first treatment my hair will start thinning and will fall out after the second. Oh hell!!!! I'm going into London tomorrow to have my hair cut short(er). I'm then going to go and look for wigs. I'm pleased that lovely nurse Cheese will be with me as I'm feeling quite fragile at the moment. In all seriousness, this is THE scariest thing I've ever experienced. I'm trying to stay positive but it's really really hard. I've decided against the scarf option as I'm not sure it's really me and don't think I'm ready for the sympathetic glances in Waitrose.
I'm hoping I'll get my Mojo back soon, as Cheryl would say.............


  1. i'm sighing a little sigh of relief too my lovely. It sounds like it's gonna be one hell of a ride. I agree i'm not sure the head scarf ganster rapper style is really you, how about a pixie crop, i always fanied that one at college but had long bubble permed hair by then also it was either that look or the shaved either side and floppy long mohekan you know the look, anyway i digress yes wig it is, so is it 6 hits of the chemo then that's it? love you xxx

  2. Hi honey. How's the Greyhound journey going? Have you had a full fat coffee?
    Are we there yet?

  3. It doesn't matter how short your hair is or if you have no hair at all - I still love you. XX

  4. Here here we all love you and you really are very, very brave. You're going to have to grit your teeth and get through the rest of the treatment but once it's done hopefully that's it and it will all be in the past. Plus you will have a bumper award winning sell out recipe book to boot! watch out Delia! By the way I still need that brownie recipe, do I have to come back and get it (let me know what's for lunch!).