Friday, 28 May 2010

chemo 4 - the pain

Hadn't expected the pain to hurt this much. My legs, arms, shoulders and back are agony. I had a terrible night so have taken to my bed today. Please make it stop soon..........

Thursday, 27 May 2010

M on W day 21 (part 2) - Mrs Groves

Thank you so much Mrs G for a wonderful lasagne, salad and garlic bread. It was an absolute feast. Four clean plates! Thank you for the lovely fruit salad and yummy brownies too, it was delicious x
Thank you too, to you and Mole for rescuing me today when I couldn't walk up the hill. My poor old bones are really hurting today. Thanks for the chat and the car ride home ladies xxxx

smelling lovely

Thanks for these lovely flowers from your garden Mrs Twelly.
They smelt gorgeous.........

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I had a crap night. My face is the colour of a beetroot and I'm VERY hot. It's probably all the toxins floating around my system. My lovely husband tried to do my jab yesterday but the worried look on his face sent my alarm bells ringing. I took it off him and did it myself. Am waiting for the hideous pain I've been warned about to kick in. Am now back in bed and will try to get some rest (if the steroids stop buzzing around my poor body) x

M on W day 20 (part 2) - Mrs Nicholson

Dear lovely Mrs N (and little mini Miss N) delivered a super salmon supper. Salmon, new potatoes, green beans and sweetcorn, it was goodness on a plate. Well done for loading me up with my vitamins. It was really good to see you both, thank you xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

M on W day 19 (part 2) - Mrs Riches

Thank you Mrs R for the wonderful bucket of heartwarming chicken soup and walnut bread. It was amazingly healthy and it was just what I needed after the long day at hospital. Also the delicious lemon cakes (cheesie 2 portions is very grateful). Thanks darling xxx

didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to essex......

I've never really been to Essex before, so last saturday we ventured out in the sun (the opposite way round the M25 to everyone else) and ended up in Burnham on Crouch. It was really lovely. We spent a sunny day watching the bobbing boats , eating chips and having ice cream. Just what the doctor ordered. A lovely little place and we''ll definitely be going back.

tHaNk yOu ♥

Thank you to Ian, the IV nurse, who is leaving his post to venture to pastures new in Barnett. You helped take my mind off all those hideous picc flushes and blisters. Thanks for being gentle and not making too many bruises.
I wish you well and hope you're happy in your new post (look at the wonderful cake a nice patient made him, thanks for sharing it) x
I can't sign off without mentioning all the other kind and happy nursing staff at Mount Vernon. You are all marvellous and help everyone through, what is a painful and emotional time. Thanks everyone x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

The onion - Chemo part 4

Tomorrow (8.15am!!!!!) I go for my fourth chemo (the first course of Taxitere) and I'm dreading it. I've had to take steroids to lessen the effects of any allergic reaction that may happen. I will also have to take them for the next few days. Looking at my track record for allergic reactions........... for once please let me sail through it. Will be taking to my bed and trying not to feel awful for the next few days :-(
This past week I've crammed as many nice things as I could as I know I'm going to feel like poo for the next week. Thanks to everyone who's helped take my mind off things and drank tea and chatted.
Big blue chair here I come................

Saturday, 22 May 2010

ashes to ashes

I'm seriously mourning the loss of DCI Gene Hunt. Please tell me there will be another series. It was a brilliant ending to the series (and the Quattro) last night.

another lovely old book

Here's another great book from the 'antique' shop.
I really love the illustrations and colours.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

M on W day 18 (part 2) - Mrs Bragg

Mrs Bragg and the little Braggsters delivered a lovely chicken casserole and rice supper. Pudding was fab! Cheeselets loved the ice cream and we loved the GU puds. Thank you Mrs B, it was great xx
ps Good luck to Ian for his cycle ride to Chamonix which starts on Sunday from Greenwich. If anyone would like to sponsor him please click the link below. Good luck Ian!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

M on W day 17 (part 2) - Mme Ray

Merci Mme Ray for a delicious dish of mackerel and potatoes. It was really lovely and Mr Cheese managed a record 2 and a half portions!!!!!! The rhubarb and honey was really tasty (I had to have a large bowlful with custard). YUM! Thanks sweetie xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

please can I have one.............

I'm always in and out of that 'antique' shop down the road and never leave empty handed. On this occasion I picked up a couple of old books. Our large-haired eldest is car obsessed so I bought this fantastic 1950's car book. I think I liked it more than he did once I spotted this beautiful old citroen . I could throw a picnic basket in the back and drive off into the sun...........SIGH!

M on W day 16 (part 2) - Mr & Mrs Ineson

Lovely Mrs Ineson delivered a fantastic chili, tortillas and dips, it was really really tasty (and yes cheesie-2 portions lived up to his name). And a big round of applause for Mr I's cookies, blimey they're good. Definitely think he should start selling them. Delicious, thank you xxxx

Monday, 17 May 2010

walking in the bluebells

The bluebells are out and they're stunning.
Ashridge looks amazing in it's blue coat.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

M on W day 15 (part 2) - Mrs Nicholson

Lovely Mrs N delivered a fantastic spicy chorizo chilli lasagne, garlic bread & salad. It was really lovely and I joined old cheesie-two-portions. YUM! Thank you for the lovely choc eclairs and the flowers too. It was really great to see you xxxx

M on W day 14 (part 2) - Mrs Twelftree

Oh lovely Mrs Twelly thank you for the most amazing fish pie. It was a dish delish!!!! And as for the enormous chocolate cake...........we managed to demolish half of it. It was a lovely feast, thank you xxx LYM
Thank you too for the lovely flowers x

Saturday, 15 May 2010

our friends in the north (well east actually)

We spent a fantastic weekend away in lovely Norfolk last weekend. Our dear friends C&M have a magnificent barn and we all gathered for a right old knees-up. It was good to spend quality time with them and the Broadleys and to laugh and catch up.
Thanks for letting the kids create a new art wing and for feeding and watering us. It was a really great weekend and we look forward to the next one.
Love you xxxx

Friday, 14 May 2010

M on W day 13 (part 2) - Mrs Salmon

Hooray for meals on (2) wheels, very eco-friendly. Thanks Mrs Salmon for a super spag bol supper. It was just what the doctor ordered. A great friday night feast (shame it didn't have cheese ;-) ha ha! And I wolfed 2 banana muffins down (again I figured that's 2 of my 5 a day). Thanks sweetie xxxx

M on W day 12 (part 2) - Mrs Hunt

Thank you Mrs Hunt and your lovely assistant Miss H for a really delicious salmon pasta bake with sundried tomatoes. Really tasty! Also thank you for extra large (is that all for Mr Cheese?) carrot cake. Surely it has one of my 5 a day in it? Lovely lovely xxxx

and chat and coffee and walk

Thank you Mrs Russell (pppppparker) and Mrs Evans for a lovely stroll through the bluebells and a trip to another lovely coffee shop (one for the list). Thank you also Mrs R for the wonderful pampering goodies and Mrs E for the delicious soup. A lovely morning xxxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

lunch and coffee and cake and chat

Thank you lovely Kate and little Miss A for a great lunch yesterday. It was really good to see you both and lunch was delicious (especially those meringues!!!!!!!!) xx

Mrs Riches, thanks for the longest, most expensive coffee ever. My idea of a good morning, coffee and retail therapy xx


Here are some vintage map birds I've made (sorry again Paul for cutting up those lovely old maps)

M on W day 11 (part 2) - Mrs Littler

A wonderful hot meal of chicken casserole with dumplings and warm homemade crusty bread was delivered by Mrs Littler and her lovely Littlest. Thank you for a really delicious supper, all members of the clean plate club Mrs L. And a MASSIVE thank you for the best pudding ever 4 custard tarts (all for me, well that's what I told them anyway........mummy's medicine) Thank you xxxx

a world inside a toilet roll tube

stunning little works of art

Anastassia-elias uses discarded loo-roll tubes and creates magical scenes within, using cut-out figures. Beautiful!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

M on W day 10 (part 2) - Mrs Lewis

Ah the good fairy Lewis and her little tinkerbelle delivered a lovely supper of pancetta risotto & rocket salad. This was followed by the most amazing white choc chip brownies, YUM!!! It was really delicious, thank you. And thanks for the hilarious photo menu, I love yours and Miss L's matching shell suits xxxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

picc-line blues

Today I had to go to see the wonderful team over at Mount Vernon as my picc line started to come out last night. It has been quite a horrible experience for me overall, as my skin has reacted badly to the adhesives on the dressings and plasters. I have a nasty collection of blisters and my arm really hurts. Karen decided to remove the picc as she didn't think my poor old arm could take another 9 weeks of re-dressings and blisters. Thank you Karen and Ian for looking after me and being gentle.

M on W day 9 (part 2) - Mrs Groves

Mrs Groves delivered a wonderful feast of quiche, tomato & mozzarella salad, potatoes & green beans. It was really really tasty. However, the stars of the show were the amazing merinques. Blimey Missus they were good! I too am now a proud member of the 2 portion club. Thanks for the beautiful presentation too xxxx

Monday, 10 May 2010

beautiful typography

I found these beautiful images by Sarah Gardner on Flikr
sarah gardner

Thursday, 6 May 2010

M on W day 8 (part 2) - Mrs Mills

Wow we had a special delivery of the most delicious and beautifully packaged curry tonight. Really didn't want to spoil the lovely labels on the tiffin tins. Chicken korma, paneer, peas & spinach and potatoes & chickpeas, a feast! Large haired eldest scraped his plate clean (fave meal!!!) Really tasty.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DHROOTI and a big thank you xxxx

M on W day 7 (part 2) - Mrs Meanie

Ah thank you Mrs Meanie for meals on feet .............a really tasty lasgne. Four clean plates and cheesie 2 portions didn't let me down. Have to say the chocolate brownies have proved a big hit too. Cor blimey they were good!
Hope Mr M's footy celebrations didn't go on all night xxx

Arrrrrrrrr! JIm lad!

Just realised I look like a pirate today. Sporting a stripey top and my headscarf where did I put that bloody parrot?

hedgehog bread rolls

Who knew that under all that chestnut hair, lay a master baker. Look at these beautiful bread creations crafted in his cookery lesson. Aren't they sweet? AND they tasted fantastic. Well done my cheesie boy. Any orders for the weekend?

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

M on W day 6 (part 2) - Moles on Wheels

Hooray, we got a chicken pie delivered by Moles on Wheels (fluffy youngest's fave dish). Thank you for a delicious meal (the whole lot just disappeared!) AND a big thank you for the beautifully hand-crafted choc tart (I don't know how she does it! Such perfect buttery pastry). Thank you xxxx
* choc tart demolished before photo shoot began........pesky kids!

M on W day 5 (part 2) - Mr & Mrs Bragg

We took delivery of a delicious bacon and leek risotto, made by head chef Mr Bragg. It was really yummy! Thank you too for the asparagus (the first taste this year!), AND the bakewell tart too (you know the way to my son's heart). Thanks for everything, it was amazing! xx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mr Bragg's cycle ride to Chamonix

A very good friend of ours, Ian is celebrating one year of remission following his diagnosis with testicular cancer by cycling to Chamonix Mont Blanc from Greenwich to raise money for UCARE.
UCARE is a small Oxford based charity that provides support, education and research in the fight against urological cancers, which in turn account for 20% of all cancers. They have provided great support to Ian as he continues his check-ups with his oncologist – a founding member of the charity.

Ian will be joined by his good friends Andy Symington and Max Haycocks and they aim to cycle the 620 miles in 6 days, over the Jura mountain range then up through the Alps to Chamonix, hoping to cross the finish line on 29th May.

If you would like to sponsor Ian please follow the link below or catch up with his adventures on his blog

Good luck to you all and here's to the party at the end!

lovely packaging

Isn't this beautiful packaging?

M on W day 4 (part 2) - Mme Ray

Ah bien! Merci Mme Ray for the delicious roast chicken and ratatouille. Once again Mr Cheese has eaten his regulation 2 portions. Why isn't he completely overweight? Think he might need to start running again! Clean plates all around. Very tasty, thank you my love xxx

Monday, 3 May 2010

more map garlands

I made these a few weeks ago and I've sacrificed more of those beautiful old maps (sorry Mr Cheese, I know it upsets you). They do look lovely though.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

M on W day 3 (part 2) - Mrs Bowen

Lovely Lou delivered a very tasty spanish pork casserole (not sure what it is called in spanish), with a delicious salad and potatoes. Again Mr Cheese had his regulation 2 portions, tasty! And thank you too for the lovely trifle. A real feast, muchos gracias xx

M on W day 2 (part 2) - Mrs Doughty

A HUGE thank you from the family cheese for the lovely food. The kids really enjoyed their tasty mega pizza and as for the thai green curry and rice, well cheesie 2 portions was a happy (fat) cheese. Absolutely delicious Mrs D. Thank you x (can we have the recipe please?)