Thursday, 4 February 2010


Yesterday the White-Marsh's came to see me before they embark on a 2 year travelling holiday. I'm NOT jealous. It was so lovely to see them and am grateful they took time out of their busy schedule to come and eat my cake and biscuits. I'll really miss the banter at work with you KW and all your non PC remarks. Ah I'm smiling writing this thinking of all the misspellings on those future postcards. Good luck my lovelies and Bon Voyage. Missing you already, now get on with your packing xx

Mrs Hutchinson (nee Cheese) came by today. She battled her way around the M25 and brought with her a huge bag of goodies. She's always been my favourite Chloe ;-)

Before she went she managed to eat what was left of Mrs Salmon's posh pasty and she walked off with a brownie too. (She NEEDS that brownie recipe asap Mrs S). She's planning another visit but insists that the M on W menu be forwarded to her so she can make a decision.
Thanks for stopping by Mrs H and emptying my fridge ( how can you live with yourself, eating a sick woman's food) xx


  1. Dear Mrs. Cheese, I have consulted my lawyers and they had advised this is a libelous accusation with no evidence, possibly because I ate it all. However I will be willing to drop legal proceedings if Mrs Salmon forwards the brownie recipe asap.
    PS what's for dinner tomorrow? I'll be over at 7.30pm with the rest of the family, can my mother in law come too?

  2. Look the forensic guys were all over the kitchen. They've found your prints everywhere (mostly on the cake tin). 'fess up lady or the cheese'n'onion crisps get it!