Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Tanya Houghton has started a beautiful, thoughtful art project for her mother Marianne, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago and recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Send Marianne a postcard from wherever you live in the world.  Tell her 3 of your favourite things about the place, put a stamp on it and that way Marianne will get to travel the around the world and visit far-flung places.
Heartwarming and beautiful! 

Marianne Houghton
Flat 3 Oslo House East Wing
15 Prince Edward Road
Hackney Wick
E9 5EU

Saturday, 7 July 2012

By the 'eck!

I'm well and truly knackered!
It's really taken it out of me......
Even cake and chocolate medicine aren't working.
I'm swollen, sore and sweary!
I can't even sit in the garden because it's p***ing down!!!!
I'm watching the men's finals on my laptop in bed tomorrow.

*note to self - remember to put bell on bedside table to ring down for refreshments*

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I'm back at home and in my own bed!
I think I may have underestimated the gravity of this operation :(
I'm so sore and I'm so very sad I had to have it.
Glad to be home with my family and I look forward to being up and about in the blink of battered old lady's eye*

Here's a view from my bed.......and the rather raunchy bed stockings I have to wear (form an orderly queue fellas!!!) and a medal for courage from Mrs B!
I don't have a tv in my bedroom.......
maybe I should've cashed in the A&E loyalty points for one!

I'm still here reading and perusing all that blogland has to offer x

ps update on Large-haired eldest - he has big blue plaster cast and has refused to let me sign it as it's uncool!!!


Sunday, 1 July 2012


I'm off to hospital tomorrow for the first of several operations this year!!!
I won't go into the details and to be honest if I sit and think about it all, it makes me sad :(
So I'm remaining positive and will be eating the lovely chocs and reading my fab stash of mags.
We've toasted Fluffy's birthday with lovely friends in the garden this afternoon, hic!! and eaten much cake.
Spent 3 hours in A&E with Large-haired eldest last night.
Boys + water balloons = slippage and much hurty!
He's broken his hand in 2 places.
Poor Mr Cheese will be visiting several hospitals in West Herts over the next few days......
(Have cashed in our Hospital Loyalty card and I'm getting a new kettle!!!)
See you back here in a few days mes amigos
* photo 1 - Beautiful flowers
* photo 2 - Fluffy's new birthday Doc Martens
* photo 3 - 3 of my favourite men to cheer me up in hospital