Friday, 12 February 2010

valentine be mine...................

Do you think Mr Cheese has got me one of these for our 22 anniversary?
I think I read somewhere 22 years = most beautiful chair in the whole wide world.
Can I have it huh? Can I? Huh? Can I? You don't need to wrap it.

cherner chair


  1. Glad to see you're perky enough to be pressuring Monsieur Fromage vis-a-vis anniversary/valentines gifts. Craving beautiful things is always a good sign, and receiving them always makes everything better better (no pressure Mr F!). Have a great anniversary and valentines day, rest lots and make sure you don't waste away now! E x
    P.s. just sorting stuff to take to 'Flog it' which is hitting Truro next week. Have found lots of family heirlooms to take obviously, but seem to have misplaced Granny! Watch out for me - I'll be the one saying 'oh no I wouldn't dream of selling, it's too special to me - oh alright then give us the cash!'

  2. Very pleased with my chair. Upholstery came up pretty well after cleaning, but then Marin came back from work... "It's buggered" he said. "beyond repair". B*****D, spoiling my excitement!

  3. Myriam, take no notice. I bet the chair looks lovely. Happy sitting and knitting! x

    Emily, pity it's not Dickenson's Real Deal. Worra Bobby Dazzler! Good luck with flogging your crap, sorry, antiques x