Sunday, 31 January 2010

M on W day 6 - Mrs Nicholson

Just look at the beautiful packaging (and the food wasn't bad either). The lovely Mrs N served up beef casserole, which was amazing. Yep, I've joined the 2 portion gang. Wonderful! As she's obviously noticed we're getting a bit porky, she brought a fresh fruit salad too, which in my opinion cancels out all the excess calories. Having said that she did sneak in a banana loaf.

Bless you Noodles, it was a great meal x

Saturday, 30 January 2010

VALENTINES I found on etsy

I found all of these lovely things on etsy............
  1. bethberg
  2. lapomme
  3. bluebellbazaar
  4. sweetharvey
  5. artmind
  6. chakrapennywhistle
  7. orangebeautiful
  8. somethingshidinghere
  9. sweetharvey


I'm such a vintage girl. How lovely is this.
Find it here bookbook
(via swissmiss )

M on W day 5 - Mrs Littler (part 2)

Ok so Mrs L saw fit to deliver another meal after seeing my plight. Think she got Nas to rustle something up to keep the wolves from the door (probably feeling guilty about the custard tart). We had the most amazing Fish pie (Mr Cheese had seconds again). We also had a fab bread and butter pudding AND a bottle of wine.

Do you think Waitrose were doing one of those M&S rip-off dine in for tenner meals and she just decanted into those foil containers? I've got the M on W detective on the case..........

A wonderful meal. Thanks Nas.

Friday, 29 January 2010

M on W day 5 - Mrs Littler

Gourmet? My A**e! What the hell....... I can't remember where my pans are and how do I open these can things? It's been so long since I've cooked anything myself. Does anyone have a recipe for 2 cans of beans and HALF a loaf of white bread. This is urgent. My children are starving and I don't have a thing in the fridge ............... SOS!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Hilda the cleaner

I thought, as I can't even lift a teapot without yelling in agony, that we should employ a cleaner. As Hp4's Eastern Europeans are fully employed at the moment I found this one. She's very cheap. Unfortunately when she left there was a faint odour of B&H and Limara! I might need to consult the Yellow Pages again!
ps Think the family silver has gone missing, that'll be in a car boot sale in Aylesbury before you know it!

M on W day 4 - Mrs Lewis

Well the wonderful Mrs 'Ave it-Lewis backed up the Aid Truck today and off-loaded at least a weeks worth of food. We have eaten the most delicious lasagne, salad and garlic bread. And again old slim hips Cheese has helped himself to a second portion. Our pud was fab pecan pie (said in my best 'When Harry met Sally' accent) and ice cream.

It's thumbs up from the family Cheese, thanks ever so Mrs Lewis (or should that be Ms Pollard?) x

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

M on W - Mrs Cooper

Or is that Mrs Cuthbert? Ah!

Just a little note to say that the super Mrs Cooper filled my freezer with her wonderful pork and chorizo casserole long before the legitimate 'Meals on Wheels' service kicked in. So this is a special mention........Thanks Mrs C x

ps No photos yet as it's 'waiting' in the's day will come

Now that's what I call Cheese (vol 1)


Cocteau Twins - Aikea Guinea

The Clash - Bankrobber

The Associates - Club Country

Toots & The Maytals - Monkey Man

The Doors - Touch Me

Credence Clearwater Revivial - Have you seen the rain

Talking Heads - Blind

Massive Attack - Hymn of the big wheel

Supergrass - Alright

Violent Femmes - Blister in the sun

The Smiths - This Charming Man

Jethro Tull - Living in the past

Tom Waites - Blue Valentine

Moby - Porcelain

The Mighty Wah - The story of the Blues

The Housemartins - Happy Hour

M on W day 3 - Mrs Geldart (part 2)

The remains of the custard tart.

Actually this was the second one I accidentally ate.

Might need to invest in some elasticated slacks and a large smock.

I've scanned that Meals on wheels menu and something is missing.........

But it's ok now I know where to get one! Do you think they deliver? x

M on W day 3 - Mrs Geldart

Or as we'd like it to be known (just for today) MOLES ON WHEELS!

We have just demolished the most delicious lamb casserole and cous cous supper. Mr Cheese is now on seconds!!!! (How does he stay so trim? snigger!) This was followed by hand-baked egg custard tarts.

(A sure way to win this culinary competition in my opinion is to bribe the judge with custard tarts)............ read it and weep Mrs L!

Nurse Mole we are full and happy, thank you x


This blog was set up to be a kind of diary to share with those I love and some things will be happy and some will be sad. Today is crap!!!!! I never expected this journey to be an easy one. We are just back from another hospital appointment. It wasn't good news. My Macmillan Breast nurse said it will be like peeling an onion. Everytime I go I will peel off another layer.
As Mr Cheese said it can really make you cry...........

Last week I had the tumor removed and all of my lymph nodes. Today I got the results. They removed 20 lymph nodes and found cancer in 2. The tumor has been graded as an aggressive high grade cancer. I now have to go back in for more surgery to remove more tissue as they have found cancer in the surrounding area. It's a long long road to recovery. I'm facing 18 weeks of chemo then radiotherapy. Keep me sane dear chums. What am I going to look like? Oh lordy!

Maybe tomorrow will be a good day! Might need retail therapy and lots of cake x

PATTERNS 1 (all you M&Sers knew it had to come)

Dearest M&Sers you knew this had to come............PATTERNS!!!!!
These are just a small selection of battered old books in my possession. I have many many more and will treat you.
Missing you guys. Wozza where's my tea? xxxx

M on W day 2 - Mrs Hunt

Well what can I say? The lovely Mrs Hunt delivered Lentil soup, chicken pie and flapjacks!!!! Master Cheese: 'this is the best chicken pie I've ever had'. That is high praise indeed from our large haired eldest. So watch out all ye who follow this M on W.......... we are all members of the 'clean plate club'. Top marks Mrs Hx

The Cheese and I are completely bowled over by this wonderful band of ladies (headed by Chief nurse Mole (thanks for everything Moley x) and co-ordinated by head-honcho Mrs Littler (woe betide anyone who strays from her promised menu. Thanks lovely x). It has been overwhelming for us. You are all a force to be reckoned with xxxxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Mrs Littler promised me a custard tart............only gave me a few mins to respond to the shout 'fancy a custard tart?' Before I had time to reply, the bloody cleaner had eaten it. Yeah right!!!! I can't believe Mrs L has eaten 2 custard tarts in 15mins. Maybe she even had a pack of 4. No that would be too greedy (wouldn't it?????) xxxxx
Off to bed to dream chicken pie dreams......night night x


Oh no. Mr Cheese showed little visitor Mia (aged 2) our last remaining hamster while the kids were at school and found him in the corner, a bit stiff-like. An ex-hamster.

Not looking forward to breaking the news. Mr Cheese predicts 2 days of tears and then renewed appeals for a puppy. Watch out Ivy!

M on W day 1 - Mrs Groves

Yesterday we took delivery of our first 'Gourmet meals on wheels' meal from the lovely Mrs Groves.
Butternut squash & sweet potato soup followed by chocolate brownies. The soup was absolutely delicious. We dunked our crusty french stick and got stuck in. Miss Cheese was slightly bemused when I got the camera out to photograph the event. The brownies are fabulous.

God help anyone further down the list who has these on the be continued


The lovely ladies of Berkhamsted (the Berko Massive) AND 2 Lovely Wendover Wench's :-) have rallied and together have formed a meals on wheels service. We will receive a meal everyday for the next few weeks from a talented band of ladies. I can hear the pages of Delia and Nigella flicking over and over. I've never known such competitiveness........


Today I decided to start a blog to jot down my thoughts and ramblings and keep friends and family posted on developments. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in december it has been a difficult few weeks for all of us. Without the tremendous support of our wonderful friends we couldn't have got this far. This blog gives me an opportunity to say thank you in a fun and cheesey way. THANKS EVERYONE and happy reading! xxx