Saturday, 27 February 2010

M on W day 22 - Mrs Lewis

If you've been hurt or injured whilst delivering Meals on Wheels then call our injury helpline..........

Mrs Lewis thank you for juggling 2 cups of tea whilst falling down the kitchen step and not breaking your finger or the cups. And yes it IS what all kitchen floors will be wearing this season: puddles of tea!

Thank you for the most delicious beef bourguignon, mashed potatoes and beans. Again Mr Cheese had 2 portions (think he's needs to build up his stamina for next weeks race!!!!). The lemon pudding was really really lovely. A huge thank you for the lovely food and the dramatic tumble. Hope you're ok xxxxxxx


  1. Nerys love, this didn't happen. You are clearly tring to make your blogs sound a little more interesting by adding a bit of 'drama'. Me thinks the "little blog awards" has gone to your head. Next, you'll be imagining a stoney faced lady by the name of 'Biddy'. I mean, really.... you said I was attention seeking!!...

  2. Well the blogging egg cup looks like it's winging it's way to Devon-land so my little trippy-up trick in the kitchen to give my blog a little drama didn't work. If only Mrs Lewis had smashed the cups!!!!!
    Right from tomorrow the bloggin' award vote starts again. BE WARNED, if you don't vote....................

  3. It's amazing what some people will do for attention! Have you taken that Gekko out for a walk yet?

  4. No Mrs Cheese I haven't, my finger is too sore.