Saturday, 13 February 2010

M on W day 16 - Mrs Twelftree

Hello...........Wendover can you hear me? Where's my dinner?

This is what we ate. It was all we had in the cupboard. Twelly was out shopping in Bicester Village with Mrs Gunson and that cleaner woman Hilda. They were probably busy buying birthday pressies for Robbie Williams.
I hope you had a lovely day shopping and eating nice things. Don't worry about us. Sniff!


  1. what happened to the hand made spanish chorizo chicken with the hand picked olives and home grown organic tomatoes and the hand reared chickens who had lived their lives in a buttercup meadow and slept on velvet cushions..hey... what happened to that you whicked Cheesies...oh I see Wendover cuisine not good enough for the blog is it!! Cuppa soups indeed - and by the way.. that was not Dandelion and burdock in the large bottle with the poppy cork you know!!! By the way Jo - Robbie said he LOVED the jumper and the hand made chocs we knitted him and sends his love....xxxx

  2. Oh Twelly, you were far too intersted in that Mr Williams bloke to stand over a hot pan of chicken chorizo for your dear old sick mate. I noticed that once you'd necked that glass of wine I gave you yesterday you couldn't wait to get off in case you missed him on that 'So you think you can dance'. Did you and Mrs Gunson discuss his performance? Did it end with a big PHWOAR? Bless you! xx

  3. OMG ! You know Mrs 12Tree far to well. That's exactly what she said after watching the show !! Glad you didn't starve to death whilst we were off shopping. We did pick up lots of lovely things (especially in Cath Kidson)which we thought you would love. See, you were there in spirit and mind, if not in body !! BIG HUG x
    PS Please note I have learnt how to comment on these blog things especially for you (my 12 year old had to show me what to do !)

  4. Oh hello Mrs G (and young Mr G, thanks for showing your mother how to use the computer thingy). Great to have you on board and commenting.
    Glad you both enjoyed his performance. How many times have you watched it on playback. Oh you both make me smile xxx

  5. Oh Cheese... there's no need - you know I still love you loads more than Mr W. (but he does have a rather nice bum!) How are you today my Nurse Cheese attending to your every need? I bet she can wash your hair much more efficiently than me.. none of this "going anywhere nice on yer olidays" malarchy from her!! Big hugs and kisses... and yes - there might have been a phwoar!!!

  6. My nurse is very kind. She's even playing board games with the kids. She's planning on washing my hair tomorrow (It'll be a proper nurse hairwash without the blathering). I'm going to show her where the hoover lives in the morning. Love her x