Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well the operation went well. My consultant was happy with the surgery but obviously can't give anything away. I shall have to wait until next week for the results. I have the greatest admiration for her and the nursing staff at St Albans. They are a great team and I salute them. I was grateful that the ever smiling nurse Heather was there to wheel me down for my operation. At least this time I went under smiling. Where was she last time, when I was a sobbing wreck? I gave them a few boxes of M&S chocolates to help them get through those long shifts (the least I could do). Thank you ladies.

I got home yesterday and have spent the last 24 hours in a state of semi-consciousness. I am spending the day in my pj's, in and out of bed. Think 3 operations in 6 weeks is taking it's toll.

I was roused this morning by Mrs Littler's call of 'tart'. She knows the way to my heart. Thanks for the medicine and chat, hope you managed to get your chores done.

Now back to David Dickenson.................

ps I forgot to mention lovely Fernando. He was my anesthetist for the day. As he administered the sleepy stuff he said night night sweet dreams, ah bless him. Better than the last one who was dressed in Del Boy's cast off sheepskin coat and didn't say a word as he brandished the syringe. A kind word said at the right moment goes a long long long way, and can make for happy dreams.


  1. Well done luv. It amazes me how strong you have been through all this.
    And big thanks to the Berko and M&S massives for all their kind support as well.
    P x

  2. .....and the Wendover posse of course!

  3. sending you canadian bear hugs your way my lovely. Hope you heal soon, how's the mong arm?

    love you cheesey xxxx

  4. oh hi lovelies. How's the snow? Mong arm is still mongy (bless you for not letting your new life change you). Am very sore still but am being brave.
    Enjoy the opening ceremony and keep on blogging.
    Love you xxxxxxxx

  5. I am very proud of you Mrs C. What a brave cheese, and still smiling and looking radiant despite it all. I thought your 'mong arm' coped very well with sooooop at lunchtime .......