Friday, 19 February 2010

The haircut

Firstly I have to say a massive thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law, nurse Cheese. It has been absolutely brilliant having her here to look after us this week. The Cheeselets loved the games of UNO (even if you did cheat!!!!) We're really missing you (and the ironing basket isn't empty) LOVE YOU x

Nurse Cheese came with me to have my hair cut yesterday and what a weird old day it turned out to be. Looking at all my hair on the floor was sad. Just to think if we'd scooped it all up I could have had a lovely wig made. Such a waste. My new haircut looks a little like Dannii Minogue's but without the aussie accent and botox. I actually really like it. Maybe I'll grow it back to this style???? Thanks Natasha, you made it look fab! It's odd knowing it's only temporary, it'll be gone in few weeks (and I'll try not to cry).

The next stop on our grand day out was a wig shop near Kensington High street. Chosing a wig which isn't a fashion accessory but something that will enable me to carry on with my life was very emotional. Looking at all the spooky mannequins on the shelf staring back at us was at first frightening, then funny. The lady was very helpful and I sat down with my head sock on ready to try my new hairstyles. You have to try what's out on the shelf and if you decide on that style then they go find it in the right colour. We were trying not to laugh out loud as I tried the blond one on. I looked like Paul/Pauline Calf........... dead sophisticated Julie! One made me look like my large haired eldest. That was just too weird. I've decided on one that's just like my old long hair but it looks just like 'I've just stepped out of a salon'. There was a man buying a wig at the same time as I was trying on. I couldn't quite make out if he'd bought the 'Jemima' or the 'Sapphire'.............

We went to Harrods for a 'try on' too. Considering they are THE world's most famous store, they were a bit short on staff in the old wig shop. We left after poking fun at some hideous slippers in the men's dept.

I bought a new headscarf too. I tried it on today and went to visit Mr & Mrs Bowen. I showed them what I'd look like with it on and asked if they'd also like me to read their palms. Might take some getting used to!!!!!!!! Cross my palm with silver x


  1. You know what i would of loved to of been there with you, purely for the humour value you understand. So the "i've just stepped out of a saloon new hair" is it jet black and shiny?
    i'm not seeing any picture's of the new cut, and i knowthat Danni had many hair styles on the x factor is yours the one with the massive quiff?

    love you cheesey`:) xxxxx

  2. I would like to point out that I was playing the Lincoln version of Uno- its like poker, comes in different formats.
    Since arriving home, I've been enjoying doing my own ironing but food's not as good. I had a very nice time with the mini cheeses & got spoiled rotten. I can't remember seeing Harrods though...

  3. Bless you Cheesie. I think it was that big green shop we saw with all the bright lights (next to Starbucks!!!!) Come back I miss you xxx

  4. Absolutely love the new look fab..U..lous m'love. Suits you. xxxxxxxxx

  5. ...what haircut?

    'Im indoors.


  6.'ll soon get your Mojo back!


  7. Weren't Mojo's those little chewy sweets. Who's eaten my mojo?