Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Minor irritations

I'm bracing myself for his royal Cheeseness to compose something witty on the subject of 'minor irritations in the family', an article we've just watched on GMTV. Well if it were their intention to cause family rows first thing in the morning, then they've truly succeeded. Don't even get me started on the dishes above the dishwasher.
I look forward to a day of 'see........I .told you's'. Joy!

Here are the top ten bugbears (via GMTV)
1. Dirty clothes dumped next to the washing basket
2. Toothpaste in the sink
3. Over-flowing bins
4. Wee on the toilet seat
5. Skid marks in the toilet
6. Tissue left in pockets in the wash
7. Leaving empty toilet roll holders
8. Toilet seat left up
9. Empty cartons and boxes in the back of the cupboard or fridge
10. Leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor


  1. Me complain? How very dare you. Others might gripe about such trifles as putting rubbish ON the bin, stuffing letters into overfull drawers, buying stuff we don't need 'just in case', but not I.

  2. Buying stuff we don't need? What like a beautiful retro 3 piece suite and wonderful old buttons? My office now!