Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Well here I am again!

I have had my ups and my (very) many downs after this op.
My 'Flap' isn't quite healed but they have given me a temporary soft new boob to stuff into my bra so it balances up.  I was starting to walk sideways as was weighed down to the right.......! I will NOT be doing YMCA or Agadoo just in case the boob jumps out and causes injury to others ('Have you been hurt or injured at a wedding disco by low-flying cotton prosthesis - then call 555 B00B).  I go back to hospital next week to be fitted for a silicon breast.  I have been told these are VERY expensive and I need to look after it properly.  I'll make it a little box to sleep in at night time and read it a story!?!*&^!>?!@(

The poor old flap is a bit 'flappy', so it will need several fat filling injections taken from my stomach.  I'm now on the the list for lipo.  I am turning into a plastic surgery junkie. 
Stop me when I go for the trout pout!!!!

My leg scar is MASSIVE so my bikini-wearing days are over (sorry fellas)!  I can cover it with a big boy-leg-sarong-beach tent when I go on my hols. I know you're laughing at the thought of S U M M E R......How ridiculous! 
*reaches for the central heating button*

Well off to take Miss Cheese for an MRI now.  She's going to be brave and I will hold her hand.

Stay dry and wrap up warm