Saturday, 13 February 2010

M on W day 16 - Mrs Twelftree (part 2)

Oh Mrs T you are spoiling us (Methinks she's feeling guilty for spending her day dreaming about Robbie).
She gave us a lovely bottle of valentine bubbles and a fantastic Spanish and chorizo chicken dish. thanks Twelly it was absolutely delicious. Now you can get back to listening to Mr Williams x

ps thank you for driving over and being a very kind and thoughtful friend and for looking after me when I was feeling very fragile. NO CRYING ok?
Love you Twelly xxxxxx


  1. Aw shucks... it were nowt chuck anything for our Delores...& it is your anniversaire after all - who'd have thought it eh...22 years since you played scrabble at that party!!!
    Love yooos two & the cheeselets too of course.

  2. PS sorry I didnt reply till now - was too busy watching so you think you can dance on replay!!!
    Aw bless his birthday cottons.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxx