Thursday, 13 May 2010

M on W day 11 (part 2) - Mrs Littler

A wonderful hot meal of chicken casserole with dumplings and warm homemade crusty bread was delivered by Mrs Littler and her lovely Littlest. Thank you for a really delicious supper, all members of the clean plate club Mrs L. And a MASSIVE thank you for the best pudding ever 4 custard tarts (all for me, well that's what I told them anyway........mummy's medicine) Thank you xxxx


  1. Mrs Littler, let no-one tell you, you have soggy dumplings! You have marvellous dumplings!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Nerys. I have been losing sleep over the worry and concern. They do have a tendancy to go soggy when they're cold. Thanks for the reassurance xxxxxx

  3. My pleasure. I couldn't live with myself knowing you were losing sleep over your (not) soggy dumplings.