Tuesday, 25 May 2010

didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to essex......

I've never really been to Essex before, so last saturday we ventured out in the sun (the opposite way round the M25 to everyone else) and ended up in Burnham on Crouch. It was really lovely. We spent a sunny day watching the bobbing boats , eating chips and having ice cream. Just what the doctor ordered. A lovely little place and we''ll definitely be going back.


  1. You went to Essex?....out of choice?...You mean you actually chose to go there?...nobody forced you?.....How very strange.

    Normally I try to pick up speed....never stop, look ahead, if they speak to you..ignore them...nasty place, nasty place.

  2. We went and we survived. Not a jellied eel or a pie and mash to be seen Dave. It was a very pleasant experience. And the ice creams were cheaper than hertfordshire prices....... bleeding ada!

  3. Apparently Burnham has a reputation in Essex for being snobby & posh. Gues that means people have tattoos with joined-up writing.

    Nice place (& Maldon too)!!