Friday, 28 May 2010

chemo 4 - the pain

Hadn't expected the pain to hurt this much. My legs, arms, shoulders and back are agony. I had a terrible night so have taken to my bed today. Please make it stop soon..........


  1. Wish we could make it The Chaz and I are sending you POSITIVE vibes....xxxxxxxx

  2. Feeling for you - hoping the pain is easing. Hang in there my love.xxxx

  3. oh lovely welsh beauty, ride the waves of'l all be over soonish!?!??!

    sending you lashings of loves xxxxx

  4. ....dear Blogsters. Just to let you know that Mrs C has been in hospital since Saturday. Seems her blood count was too low and she caught a virus which knocked her for 6. However I have just heard that she may be able to come home tonight which is great news.

    Mr C (2 portions).