Sunday, 23 May 2010

The onion - Chemo part 4

Tomorrow (8.15am!!!!!) I go for my fourth chemo (the first course of Taxitere) and I'm dreading it. I've had to take steroids to lessen the effects of any allergic reaction that may happen. I will also have to take them for the next few days. Looking at my track record for allergic reactions........... for once please let me sail through it. Will be taking to my bed and trying not to feel awful for the next few days :-(
This past week I've crammed as many nice things as I could as I know I'm going to feel like poo for the next week. Thanks to everyone who's helped take my mind off things and drank tea and chatted.
Big blue chair here I come................


  1. Thinking of you lots and lots. Big cyber hugs being sent to you until I can give you the real thing. Xxxxx

  2. Thinking of you...Hope all goes well and you come out of it in good shape.

  3. Thanks everyone for your kind words.
    Sitting waiting for the pain of the toxic stuff to take hold. Mr Cheese will be administering my (expensive) injection to boost my white blood cells in a minute. According to the ladies in the waiting room it'll hurt like hell in the next few days........oh joy!!!!

  4. Fingers crossed for you - hope it isn't as bad as they say. Sending positive vibes and lots of love xxx