Sunday, 1 July 2012


I'm off to hospital tomorrow for the first of several operations this year!!!
I won't go into the details and to be honest if I sit and think about it all, it makes me sad :(
So I'm remaining positive and will be eating the lovely chocs and reading my fab stash of mags.
We've toasted Fluffy's birthday with lovely friends in the garden this afternoon, hic!! and eaten much cake.
Spent 3 hours in A&E with Large-haired eldest last night.
Boys + water balloons = slippage and much hurty!
He's broken his hand in 2 places.
Poor Mr Cheese will be visiting several hospitals in West Herts over the next few days......
(Have cashed in our Hospital Loyalty card and I'm getting a new kettle!!!)
See you back here in a few days mes amigos
* photo 1 - Beautiful flowers
* photo 2 - Fluffy's new birthday Doc Martens
* photo 3 - 3 of my favourite men to cheer me up in hospital


  1. oh poor you good luck, what a weekend!

  2. Lovely lady, So emotions flood my heart and eyes reading this post. Thinking of you, your kettle and the I only recognised two out of the three men! Much thoughts and cannot wait for you to post again or pin! Dxxxx

  3. Very best wishes from us and a quick recovery. Ellie & Lisa x

  4. Best wishes for very successful surgeries and a quick recovery! x

  5. Hope all goes well with you and that you'll soon be home, eating chocolates and feeling pampered. Will be thinking of you.

  6. Sending love to have you home safe and sound very soon! x

  7. Here's sending you healing thoughts and best wishes.

  8. Thinking of you lovely lady...I love to follow your beautiful blog.
    Take care now and keep stitching!
    much love

  9. Thinking of you and lots of love xxx

  10. Good luck mrs C, be brave. LOTS of hugs xxxxx

  11. Dear Mrs Cheese
    I don't know you personally but read your blog every now and again and love the pictures that you post and admire your seemingly unending ability to keep going strong despite all the trips to hospital. I'm sorry you've got to go in again and I'm sending you love and best wishes from Somerset in the hope that you are well again soon.
    Chin up Mrs Cheese.

  12. All the very best hon. Hope all goes well ... I'll be thinking of you. M x

  13. Good luck with the hospital stuff. I hope it isn't too bad : ) Get well soon : )

  14. All the very best and hope you have a speedy recovery.

  15. The Schneishes are sending many good luck vibes.


  16. i'm sending you heaps of love Mrs Cheese, you are a very courageous and lovely lady, you get yourself up and mended soon my lovely...take care
    love Sophie xx