Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Tanya Houghton has started a beautiful, thoughtful art project for her mother Marianne, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago and recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Send Marianne a postcard from wherever you live in the world.  Tell her 3 of your favourite things about the place, put a stamp on it and that way Marianne will get to travel the around the world and visit far-flung places.
Heartwarming and beautiful! 

Marianne Houghton
Flat 3 Oslo House East Wing
15 Prince Edward Road
Hackney Wick
E9 5EU


  1. I will gladly send a postcard, one made from a photograph I took... my darling ma died from a brain tumour over thirty odd years ago, it still hurts like you wouldn't believe to recall how she was when she died, just 50 years old and with so much life left in her still. Unfair doesn't cover it.

    1. It really touched me and I too will be sending her a postcard from my little corner. What a wonderful thing to do x

  2. Incredible. Moving and aching. Of course, I will do this. Thank you lovely N for sharing this. Dxxxxx

  3. This is so thoughtful and very touching. I hope you don't mind if I spread the story and put this on my blog too? x

  4. I'm so touched by the most beautiful creativity of the idea. I will certainly be sending a postcard. My partner lost his mum to a brain tumour a few years ago. I feel so deeply for anyone suffering in that way, life is so beautiful yet so cruel but what an incredible idea to bring some fun and sunshine to someone who so deserves it. x