Saturday, 7 July 2012

By the 'eck!

I'm well and truly knackered!
It's really taken it out of me......
Even cake and chocolate medicine aren't working.
I'm swollen, sore and sweary!
I can't even sit in the garden because it's p***ing down!!!!
I'm watching the men's finals on my laptop in bed tomorrow.

*note to self - remember to put bell on bedside table to ring down for refreshments*


  1. You carry on swearing if it makes you feel even a tiny bit better, and deffo install a bell! Hope you're soon feeling 'ace' again (groan). I'm sure cake and chocolate medicine will kick in given time, so keep taking the dosage!

  2. Hello Mrs Cheese, thanks for finding and following my blog, I'm following yours too now. Really hope you're feeling better soon, what a crappy thing to be going through. Take care & enjoy the tennis. Rachel x

  3. Just stay in bed and let everyone run round after you! Hope you're feeling better soon, and don't forget the bell (or your mobile to ring the landline!)

    Claire xxx

  4. So sorry to read you're still feeling bad. Get that bell ... you deserve to be spoilt. Sending a big hug. M x

  5. Hope that you enjoyed the tennis and that you are still resting. Fingers crossed for some sun! D xx

  6. persevere with the chocolate and cake it may take a couple of days to get round your system! DING DING, G&T with chocolate covered strawberries pleasey:)