Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Well here I am again!

I have had my ups and my (very) many downs after this op.
My 'Flap' isn't quite healed but they have given me a temporary soft new boob to stuff into my bra so it balances up.  I was starting to walk sideways as was weighed down to the right.......! I will NOT be doing YMCA or Agadoo just in case the boob jumps out and causes injury to others ('Have you been hurt or injured at a wedding disco by low-flying cotton prosthesis - then call 555 B00B).  I go back to hospital next week to be fitted for a silicon breast.  I have been told these are VERY expensive and I need to look after it properly.  I'll make it a little box to sleep in at night time and read it a story!?!*&^!>?!@(

The poor old flap is a bit 'flappy', so it will need several fat filling injections taken from my stomach.  I'm now on the the list for lipo.  I am turning into a plastic surgery junkie. 
Stop me when I go for the trout pout!!!!

My leg scar is MASSIVE so my bikini-wearing days are over (sorry fellas)!  I can cover it with a big boy-leg-sarong-beach tent when I go on my hols. I know you're laughing at the thought of S U M M E R......How ridiculous! 
*reaches for the central heating button*

Well off to take Miss Cheese for an MRI now.  She's going to be brave and I will hold her hand.

Stay dry and wrap up warm


  1. Only you can make this seem funny! Have missed your lovely lighthearted posts ...

    My Mam had a mastectomy many years ago, and I used to try her bra and silicon boob on and flounce around the bathroom (a bit lopsidedly, I might add!)

    Hope your daughter's scan goes ok, and welcome back, you've been missed!

    Love Claire xx

  2. you are very brave...and you make me laugh :-) have been thinking about you that weird? i am so happy that you are on the mend despite your bikini days being over...(mine are too if it makes you feel any better at all) could make Cilla Cone a little cushion ;-) xx lot sa love to you and take good care xx
    good luck Miss Cheese you will be fine xx

  3. Gosh you have been in the wars. Yes, please stop before you get tempted to get a trout pout.
    Take care, Sarah x

  4. Hello Mrs cheese - Love the photo and funny account of what has been happening to you (sounds horrific and painful, you are so good at putting a brave face on though). Best wishes to you and your flap. S x

  5. You have been brave and cheerful in your posts, good for you. Keep a smile on your lips and onward and upward!

  6. Love you comical stoicism ... ! No bikinis for me either ... cottage cheese thighs!
    I hope Miss Cheese's scan went well.
    Enjoy the sunshine this week hon.
    M x

  7. Good grief Mrs Cheese, just been reading up on your escapades and it does not sound like much fun AT ALL. You're being a jolly good sport about it all though - your stiff upper lip will definitely not be needing any of that lipo. Hope your sore and tender bits are soon on the mend. Big (gentle) hug xx

  8. Lots of love brave lady xxxx My softy has never caused injury and I can regularly YMCA like a good 'en, so go for it.. and do it in a bikini! I bet your scars not bad at all xx at all xx at all!!! much love and good health Lisa xxxxx