Friday, 12 July 2013

summer's here.........

and it has been scorchio in the shires!

Cheese update for July so far:

Fluffy youngest has turned 13 (oh blimey TWO teenagers in the house)
She has left middle school and has started high school (for a two week taster).
We have the builders in (not a euphemism Missus) and a skip is parked outside!
Boy cheeselet's voice has broken (and he's as tall as me)
I go in for another operation on Monday (to fix some painful bits and bobs on the flap) - trying not to stress about it......

I'm sorry I've been absent but there seems to be too much going on.
I promise to be a good cheese and write again soon.

Enjoy the sunshine and pour a pimms xx


  1. Enjoying a virtual Pimms with your lovely photos! (Can't be bothered to mix the real thing - how sad is that?) Good luck with the builders and all the teenagers, but especially with the op. Will be thinking of you.

  2. Gorgeous piccies, very lovely. Feeling the double teen pain with you, both mine are as tall as me. Have been wearing platforms to try and retain authority (not working, mind you never had any anyway)! Thinking of you on Monday, have a fab, sunny weekend. xxxx

  3. Hope everything goes / has gone well today. I was thinking of you just the other day (I was watering my chilli plant in the windowsill and the sweet paper flower you sent me is in the pot).
    Lovely pics.
    M x