Monday, 12 July 2010

tHaNk yOu ♥

A big thank you to Mrs Littler for the orange fizzy energy AND the most delicious soup. It was perfect timing after a long day at the hospital.
You are very thoughtful, thank you xxx

My old friend Donna took time out of her busy textile lecturing schedule to visit me for a few hours. And she gave me these lovely things, a beautiful embroidery set and some fab vintage bits from Paris.
Thanks sweetheart, it was really good to see you xxx

Look at this lovely book Mrs Geldart gave me.
It appeals to my textile and pattern mind (and it comes with a secret CD.........Joy!)
It's lovely, thanks Mole xxx


  1. Ooh N I've got this one, it's lovely! (love a bit of Lucienne!) Well done for getting through that yucky chemo. It took real guts - I know from witnessing loved ones go through the same, how truly awful it is. Before you know it your locks will be back. The first growth is a bit grey and thick, but that soon passes. Lots of hugs hun. Wx

  2. Hi lovely, was thinking of you today (ssssspooky). Yes it's been hard but I've done it. Just got to get through the next few weeks of radio now. Would love to catch up soon xxxxx