Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Race for Life

What an amazing day! The brave, wonderful, fabulous ladies and girls ran their socks off on sunday in the Race for Life in St Albans. It was such an emotional day watching hundreds and hundreds of women, dressed mostly in pink, running to support, and in memory of, their loved ones. Many a tear was shed and there was plenty of hugging.
Thank you to the fantastic band of friends who ran, supported and donated to such a wonderful cause. It was truly uplifting and I hope that next year I will be joining you around that lake and up that hill. Well done my beauties and my gorgeous little fluffy one xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(oh and the peck on the cheek from Mr Jean Christophe Novelli obviously rounded the day off perfectly ;-)


  1. look at you amazing ladies, so lovely to be viewing you from afar. well done. Mrs Cheese looking good my beauty, keep smiling :)

  2. Wish you'd been there too. Mrs Muir was first past the post followed by Ms Godfrey. Obviously you would have lapped them twice ;-) xxxxxxx