Monday, 12 July 2010

hair today.............

I am completely bushed!!!!! I avoided hospital visits this weekend (yay!), partly, I think, because this week alongside my many many pills, I have also been prescribed antibiotics. I wonder if they've kept any lurgy/illness/virus at bay? Hell I don't care, the good thing is I've not been to hospital! However, I can't believe how much pain I am feeling in my bones and chest. I honestly look like a crumpled old lady walking upstairs. IT HURTS SO MUCH!!!!!! My old friend morphine has been with me all weekend and has allowed me a few hours rest. This week I will be mostly avoiding anyone with anything contagious................ :-)

The only good news I have to share is that my hair has started to grow back. I haven't gotten all excited and thought that I can once again go back to shampooing AND conditioning AND heavens forbid, using a hairdryer! Looking in the mirror I have at least 5mm of regrowth (like new baby hair) and that is a positive thing. My fluffy youngest stroked my head and asked if it's growing back now Mum, does that mean the cancer has gone? Sometimes I wish I could see life through the eyes of a child.


  1. So glad this time wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. Last one done! yippee! Are you still up for a cuppa and a visit to ye olde clothee shoppee on fri? would love to see you if you're up to it xx

  2. Looking forward to a cuppa at ye olde boutique. Shall I model the frocks in the shoppe? x

    Thanks for the noix de coconut mme ray. You made me smile x