Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well that was a very long day. Got to hospital about 10am and had my bloods taken by the lovely Cathy. I then went for my appointment with the onchologist. Following a lengthy discussion about the last treatment and the effects, she decided I needed a CT scan on my lungs. This was a little scary as I've never had one before. You lie in on a bed whilst a dye is injected into your vein (yep my poor old veins are once again bruised) and then this circular, doughnut thing whizzes around you.
I then went back for the results to discover I have a nodule on my lung. I've been told to try not to worry about it (yeah, right!) and will have to go and have another scan when the effects of this chemo have subsided. It just seems to be one thing after another.
I was one of the last in the Big Blue Chair again and wasn't finished till late. I am extremely grateful to the kindness of the nursing staff and am in complete awe of their compassion and humour. You have helped me get through the last horrid months and I thank you for making it as pain-free as possible. Thanks guys xxx


  1. Well done my love, you've done that bit- It's over! Rest and get better and then you can move to the next step. Hope to see you very soon, you've done so well. Love and hugs, xxxx

  2. So happy that this particular piece of nastiness is over. Now we want you kick-back and rest like you've never rested before... we want you to be able to recite all of the crap daytime TV!

    Nodule-snodule... positive thinking my welsh beauty! You can probably feel our positive thoughts coming our way right now!

    All our love, Yogi & Booboo xxxx

  3. Hurray for the fluff! Now when do they expect the aches and pains to subside? C U in the week (even if only through the window...) Love love, !