Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The onion - Chemo part 2

It's round 2 of the toxic medicine tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. It's a weird feeling knowing that it's going to make me feel completely awful for days and days. Hey ho it's another step to recovery and it'll be 2 down, 4 to go...........
My poor hair is falling out by the handful. Even brushing my teeth makes it fall out!!!!!! I have a cracking bald patch now. I have to pluck up the courage to wear my new long wig out and about. If you see me in Berko please be kind and don't stare at my roots.
A big thank you to the family Twelly for the dinner and sleepover at the weekend. You are all so lovely. And a Huge thanks to Mole for having the Cheeselets for the day and for a sleepover. They're such wonderful kids and I'm very proud of how they are dealing with all of this.
So long for now and see you back here in a few days x


  1. Its at times like this that we feel pretty helpless being over here (not that we could do much if we were in the UK and you seem to have the catering pretty we covered!). I'm sure Katy will be long shortly with all the right words to say (currently reading a book watching stormy weather in Tofino bay).

    I just tried to dip into the cheeseboard blog (which i find most amusing!) but it is saying it has detected malware from don't know if you want to mention it to Paul?

    take care y'all. Timxx

  2. Hello, if you could send some of that fresh air over and maybe a photo of an otter?????

    Take care my beauties and keep on blogging xxxxx