Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The onion

I'm in hospital today to have a picc line inserted into my arm. This will hopefully help when it comes to having blood samples taken and with the administration of the chemo. My veins have a habit of disappearing when they sense a needle coming their way. This is obviously difficult and painful for me when they're poking and jabbing.
Not sure how painful it will be and I'm actually quite nervous. I know it'll be quite bulky on my arm (I have to wear it for several months). Maybe I could make a little armlet cover to disguise it. I'll start a new trend............................

PS I'm back home and that was a hideous experience. They have to find a vein under ultrasound and then insert a needle, after which they 'thread' a wire through and then the picc tube to my heart. Guess what? A serious case of the vanishing veins! They tried 6 times, by which point I was a sobbing heap lying on the hospital bed covered in my blood. The 6th and final attempt was only just successful. It just doesn't seem fair. They are such an amazing band of nurses and I have to say they keep you calm when all around is crumbling.


  1. It's not fair- it's total shite & my heart aches for you.xx

  2. Connexion problem fixed! I'm glad I caught up with you earlier. As I was saying before: Merde merde merde. Hope you found the magazines I dropped with Paul earlier..... like it's really gonna make a shitload of difference !......... I will be texting when in France. Look after yourself Sweetie. Lots and lots of love. XXX

  3. good grief my lovely, that sounds hidoeus you poor thing :( have you tried strapping an old belt round your biscep and slapping the inner arm that's what they do when they want to shoot up in the movies?

    I hope it's not too bulky, how about a fur muff type effect? Carrick has loads of old dead animals you could fashion into somerhingt quite chic?

  4. Am trying to devise knitted arm cosy as we speak. It all sounds shite and not the knitted variety. Hang in there my love, you are getting through it and in a few months time this will just be a dim memory. Thinking and praying for you. Speak soon.x x x x

  5. Thanks for all your messages guys, you're all so lovely. I'm off to bed now to try and get some sleep. xxx