Friday, 9 April 2010


I spent most of yesterday in a hazy sleep. I had an allergic reaction to something and they gave me a large boost of piriton. They said it could make me sleepy. 45 minutes later they woke me up to administer my cocktail (no umbrella or straw!) As I was soooo sick last time they upgraded me to a posh anti-nausea drug (at £17 a pill it had better work). I have to thank the hospital staff at Mount Vernon. They are a wonderful team of smiling faces, and keep you laughing throughout the whole ordeal. I've promised to take in some M&S mini tubs when I next go in, that will hopefully see them through the long hours.
I slept off and on for 14 hours last night. I was sick a couple of times but nothing near like last time, hooray for the mega pill. Today has been a fuzzy, sleepy day. Am tucked up in bed, staring out at the lovely sunshine but haven't got the energy to go and enjoy it.
A big thank you Mole for having the cheeslets, thanks Mrs Littler for the spag bol and thanks Mrs Bragg for the movie. They've both had a great time. xxxxxx


  1. Still thinking of you Mrs C...Your spirit is amazing considering all your going through.

    love from All my family.

  2. Thinking of you my lovely- hope to see you soon xx

  3. Sorry about the hair situation honey but glad you have been less sick this time. Thinking of you. Big love xxx