Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday funday

I am so very proud of my Cheesie boys. They ran in the Berkhamsted 5 mile fun run. Mr Cheese didn't let his bad leg stop him entering into the spirit of things (and he SO wanted to beat his son too). He came in at 45 mins and my large haired eldest came in at an amazing 50 mins (not bad considering he and master VW stopped to do their laces up several times and also answer the call of nature). Well done both of you, I'm very proud xxxxxxxxx

Our large haired eldest also attended the Hertfordshire School Sing Up at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a fabulous night, and they were a credit to their school. And from where we were sitting I think everyone remembered their words. Well done all, especially my boy (who is now very hoarse and very tired). XXXXX

ps a special mention to Mrs Riches, Mrs Bowen & Andrew for running the half marathon and Mrs Ray for the 5 mile, in aid of the 'food for thought' project at Kyabirwa school in Uganda (£7 will provide a porridge lunch for a primary school child for a whole year. Most of these children only get 1 meal a day, 6 hours sleep and have to walk a 12 mile round trip to school)
Well done guys, you did an amazing thing xxxxxx

For anyone wishing to donate to these worthy causes here are the links - thank you x

Berko astro pitch project (the cheesie donation page)

Kyabirwa school project (the Greenway school association donation page)


  1. Thank you my love! It was tough, but worth it! Hurt today, but not as bad as yesterday when I completely seized up and felt sick all afternoon!!! Well done Mr and Master Cheese - a very respectable time for them both!!

  2. You were all amazing. What a worthy cause too, you should be so proud. The smell of Deep Heat and Pine Radox is radiating over Berko........xxxxxx

  3. i hope those boys legs are working ok now...stretch stretch stretch! well done those cheese boys i'm very proud of you xxx

  4. I think the stretching caused my last problem!
    The solution to post-running pains I believe is not to stop running a la Forrest Gump. You didn't hear him complaining.