Sunday, 7 March 2010

The onion

Just a quick update - my chemo now starts on the 15th March. This means I have another week in which to eat more cake and drink lots more tea x


  1. hello honey, enjoy the cake week, sending you lashings of loves. how was the visit to mount vernon? did you take lots of notes, was there doodling? xxxx

  2. Hi you 2 lovely people, how's frozen Canada? I've got my visit to Mt Vernon on friday. Notebook and biro packed! This week sees me having cancer counselling, physiotherapy, dentist, doctors, parents evening, new bathroom delivery, tile delivery, cinema, oh and mother's day!!!!!! I've hit the wall running today........and I've got a sick child too! HELP!

  3. We're glad you're keeping busy! Hope sick child gets well soon. It sounds like you're going in for a full on fun packed week. It is indeed bloody cold here a nose warmer would go down a treat :) lewis sounds like a lovely retail day, glad you're being looked after. Right back to the hot chocolate ;) love you x