Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Gruffalo

Today I went to see my lovely little friend in his school assembly. It was a wonderful presentation of The Gruffalo. It always leaves me tearful when watching very small people perform in front a huge crowd of eager parents. Of course, unless you get there 3 hours before (or sleep overnight outside the school gates) you never can get a seat. Some people must have been there at the crack of dawn. Mole and I stood to the side and watched, wiping a tear away here and there. It was a nice way to start a friday morning and a HUGE HUGE thank you to lovely Master F. I loved watching you and I especially liked the special mention I got in the middle of the play. Love you xxxxxx

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  1. The Brown offspring had their assembly on friday too - their theme was communication, including a performance poem called '10 English Footballers'. A bit like 10 green bottles except the footballers died Hideous deaths! You can always count on 10 year olds to reduce art to slash horror! Still raised a tear tho' - of laughter. Thinking of you and hoping to catch up at Easter. xx