Wednesday, 27 January 2010

M on W day 2 - Mrs Hunt

Well what can I say? The lovely Mrs Hunt delivered Lentil soup, chicken pie and flapjacks!!!! Master Cheese: 'this is the best chicken pie I've ever had'. That is high praise indeed from our large haired eldest. So watch out all ye who follow this M on W.......... we are all members of the 'clean plate club'. Top marks Mrs Hx

The Cheese and I are completely bowled over by this wonderful band of ladies (headed by Chief nurse Mole (thanks for everything Moley x) and co-ordinated by head-honcho Mrs Littler (woe betide anyone who strays from her promised menu. Thanks lovely x). It has been overwhelming for us. You are all a force to be reckoned with xxxxx


  1. So glad the food is good - wish I lived close enough to join the roster. Love your blog, I can never get enough of your ramblings, and we'll go into mourning for the Hamster. RESIST THE PUPPY! Hope you are ok, and all is going as planned. You are the strongest Cheese I know and everyone knows that a strong Cheese can survive anything (even Adrian's cooking!). I am planning a postal cream tea as we speak, lots of love and hugs Em x

  2. Ah Cornish-one! Welcome to the world of Cheese. Do you think a cream tea will survive a Royal Mail battering? Please join Mr Cheese's blog (we're a competitive couple). He's much funnier than me (Grrrrr!)
    Am eating imaginary clotted cream as we speak
    Cheese x