Wednesday, 27 January 2010

PATTERNS 1 (all you M&Sers knew it had to come)

Dearest M&Sers you knew this had to come............PATTERNS!!!!!
These are just a small selection of battered old books in my possession. I have many many more and will treat you.
Missing you guys. Wozza where's my tea? xxxx


  1. mrs cheese i love the blog, about bloging time too :)

    miss you honey xxxx

  2. Take me away with you on your travels oh PC one. I'm missing you heaps already. xxxx

  3. I'll be with you via the world wide web :), you keep the updates coming and I'll do the same with our travel blog :)

    LOVE YOU xxxx

  4. Travel blog a go-go! I look forward to it. xxx