Wednesday, 27 January 2010

M on W day 3 - Mrs Geldart

Or as we'd like it to be known (just for today) MOLES ON WHEELS!

We have just demolished the most delicious lamb casserole and cous cous supper. Mr Cheese is now on seconds!!!! (How does he stay so trim? snigger!) This was followed by hand-baked egg custard tarts.

(A sure way to win this culinary competition in my opinion is to bribe the judge with custard tarts)............ read it and weep Mrs L!

Nurse Mole we are full and happy, thank you x


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  2. Crikey... dreading tomorrow!!! What have you started Mole???

    A VERY nervous Mrs L x x x

  3. Lizzie I cannot believe that not only did you steal my Egg Custard Tart idea, you have usurped my 'shop bought' ones and made your own!

  4. God they were good too! Move over Nigella.......