Friday, 16 December 2011


It was a winter wonderland this morning when we woke up.
The snow has melted now and it's very dark and cold.
The children have broken up and have eaten their way through 2 gingerbread houses and 3 packets of jaffa cakes...........
pass the waffffer thin mint!
I haven't written a single card yet. 
The Christmas tree is parked outside the back door in a net coat.  Lots of lists have been made (and changed!) and we're off up to Lincoln for the weekend tomorrow for a Cheese-tastic get-together.

Happy holidays!


  1. Awww have a lovely time, it's very cold here too, no snow yet. Our tree is in the shed still, in it's net :-) x

  2. ooh sounds lovely, have a great weekend.
    would it be poss to get your address over at would like to pop a card in the post to you xxx

  3. Don't panic Mrs C, Christmas is AGES off.....just those annoying people who start in October that like to panic you. And I always think a tree looks rather lovely in net....saves on the decorating and much easier to get rid of after Christmas :-)
    Enjoy your weekend xx