Thursday, 4 August 2011

out and about - plas newydd anglesey

whilst we were up in my heartland we visited plas newydd on anglesey. Perched on a bank on the menai straight, with views to telford's masterpiece, near the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll
(yes I ca
n say it!)

We even took the kids inside to wonder at the elegant rooms and
rex whistler's paintings and magnificent mural.

I loved it and would recommend if you're up in north wales.
Large-haired eldest was impressed as all the car journos were out testing the new
range rovers around the grounds and on the island

I even snaffled a few vintage books from ye olde book shoppe - result!

LlanfairPG via wikipedia

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  1. i can say it too :) i love Anglesea reminds me of a lost summer with all the boys on motor bikes and listening to guns'n'roses.....ah happy days. Did you pop in tpo see Kate & Will for tea?

  2. Wills and Kate declined tea.......probably settling in to their new pad.
    Taught Fluffy to say Llanfairpg (she's well chuffed)
    A lovely lovey place