Wednesday, 20 July 2011

what's the colour of.........?

I can't stop looking at this most spiffing website
what's the colour of.......clouds, breakfast, heaven, summer, wales, india, snow etc etc. It's addictve!

'THE COLOR OF is a site trying to help define the color of anything, by querying and aggregating image data from Flickr. It is an attempt at answering a potentially complex and abstract question in an objective manner, by using simple algorithms on data originating from subjective human perceptions'.

Go on, try it......

the colour of via swiss-miss


  1. this looks fasinating, I will have to have a play later..... when washing up, hoovering, cleaning, clearing mountain of washing, ect!!! is done, ho hum!
    sophie xx

  2. Popped over and had a few goes - really interesting. Even things you'd expect to come out a certain colour don't necessarily!