Friday, 22 July 2011

school's out.............

and the sun has got his hat on........
this week has mostly been:
• genentics appointment to talk through my family history and take lots of blood (always a tricky procedure with me as I can only offer one arm and that has had chemo blasting it's poor old veins) - CHECK
• packing for large-haired eldest's scout camp - CHECK
• packing for fluffy youngest's camping trip with the family Riches - CHECK

• buying, wrapping teacher's gifts - CHECK

• trip St Thomas's hospital with my little friend and his mum to see lovely Steve Martin looky-likey doctor.......mmmmmm! - CHECK
• started new medication for the breast pain. I can't wake up in the morning and I feel like I've been on the town and woken up with a sisal rug for a tongue! - CHECK

• unpacking Fluffy youngest's bag as she had repacked it as if she was going for 3 weeks (Good job you're not taking the mini Mrs R) - CHECK

• Taking scout leader through all of Large haired eldest's medical list (poor child has too much to take, he needs another rucksack for his medicines :-( ) - CHECK

• waiting for large haired eldest to ring frantically after school to invite his mates over for an X-box challenge (where did I put the fabreeze?) - CHECK
• making time to talk to my lovely husband - NOPE NOT CHECK as he's very busy and we don't get to sit down.............

All of you with small peeps enjoy the lie-in on monday morning!

Here comes summer x


  1. Phew indeed! Make a date with Mr Cheese, even if it's quarter past midnight!

  2. Lovely husband needs some attention, would give mine some if I could stop crying after last day at Primary School debacle. The whole school singing 'Go well and safely' whilst yr 6 file out - that was a mean and underhand trick to get us all borderline hysterical!!
    If the mice are both away, then isn't it time the cats got in some 'play'!? xx

  3. I don't know how you do it all! Hope you had some treat time with your hubby over the weekend. Take care. M x