Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What I wish I knew about Cancer - the book

Hey get me I'm famous (well sort of!)

A friend of mine, Charlotte, put me in touch with the very lovely Marty Wilson. Marty is an author, speaker, stand-up comic and all round lovely chap from Oz. He had already produced several other 'What I wish I knew' books but when he was approached by Gary Bertwistle, an author, a dad, a cyclist and co-founder of Tour de Cure (a cancer charity formed out of a passion for cycling and a keenness to kick cancer's ass), 'What I wish I knew about Cancer' was born.

'Every 29 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with cancer, and in an instant they have to come to terms with a whole new future'.

Tour de Cure is an Australian charity and they have raised millions of dollars towards finding a cure for cancer, and all the royalties for this book will go toward ' curing this indiscriminate, stubborn and, let's face it, bloody obnoxious disease'.

Within it's pages you'll find ordinary people telling their stories of THE BIG 'C'. How they've coped, how it's affected their families, how much it's hurt and how they're moving on. It's a poignant, funny, sad and thought-provoking read.
The photograph of me when I was 20(ish) is hilarious. All 80's big hair, earrings and brooke shields bushy eyebrows........)

I urge you to go and purchase this wonderful little book and let's all stick two fingers up to this horrible disease!
go buy it !

Thank you Marty and Gary for my little spotlight of fame,
it was lovely to be part of this wonderful story xx



  1. Mrs C this is just brilliant, love the pictures and just an amazing book all round I am sad to say that I lost my mom back when I was 20 to cancer and I am just so proud of my strong female fellow bloggers x

  2. I don't know what stage you are at with your treatment but hope you are doing well and fighting back at it. I will certainly look out for the book. Big Hug ... M x

  3. It was so lovely to be part of this book and answer Marty's questions with honesty and humour. Everyone is touched in some way by this hideous disease but we have to remain positive that one day they will find a cure.

  4. I hope you dont mind me saying you are one cool chick Mrs C XXX

  5. Bless you Miss P, you are very sweet xx

  6. Mrs Cheese, I LOVE YOU....and i'm not just saying that because you are now famous. You are indeed just bloody lovely, strong person. I love the pic of you at 20ish, you still have that sparkle but thankfully not those eyebrows. I on the other hand seem to be keeping the 80's brows alive. Oh how i miss our trips to Bhaiti Vyas :)

    Just to share your song has just popped into my ears via my iPod That's Amore ;) How cool is that?

    Sending you lashings of Amore, going to see if i can find the book in the libary here in Adelaide.
    BIG LOVES Katy xxxxx

  7. thank you for the lovely comment on mine....dont know why i didn't reply sooner but my heads been in another place. i have just spent the past hour reading your blog and following links to all the delicious 'stuff' you so generously share. love so sorry that the evil that is breast cancer has come your 2 closest pals have had it in the past 5 years and i know how cruel it is. hope you have lots of good people helping you through x