Saturday, 16 July 2011

This week............

Things have been a bit chaotic and emotional in the house of Cheese this week!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts and piccies but this is why:

MONDAY - Appointment at clinical psychologist - I have to go through this so that I can opt for bi-lateral masectomies, all very draining and upsetting.

TUESDAY - had a mini break-down as I received my appointment for genetic testing next tuesday and therefore had a lengthy health form to fill out. All I wanted to do was talk to my dear old mum, so I cried and cried and cried some more.

WEDNESDAY - Doctor's with large-haired eldest as his asthma is playing up AGAIN!

THURSDAY - dental appointments for kids. Physiotherapy appointment for lymphodema drainage. Dr's appointment to offload to my wonderful doctor.

FRIDAY - Eldest had a massive allergic reaction to something, and had swollen eyes and lips. He had to take the day off school and ended up back at the dr's. He's being referred to a consultant now and they've changed his antihistamine. Cooking for my lovely girlfriends who came and braved the chilly weather to eat curry and drink pimms and talk girly stuff. Thanks lovely ladies it was a fun evening.

SATURDAY - Fluffy youngest had her ears pierced today........Holy Moley what an emotional event. Three girls having their ears done at the same time, plenty of tears, shouting and upset. FIVE soaking wet pre-teens have just descended and have taken over the middle room..............crikey what a noise!

SUNDAY - two paracetamols and a lie-in I reckon before it all kicks off again next week!


  1. Crikey that sound a right emotional roller coaster. Not good.....although girlie night with friends sounds lovely. You definately deserve your lie in in the morning. Sending you peaceful, happy thoughts xx

  2. Sweetheart, what a week. Sounds like you deserve some pampering. Hope everything turns out ok and you are getting plenty of support. Sending a big hug. M x

  3. I hope next week is better for you, starting with a long lie-in and someone to attend to your every whim! Wishing the hole Cheese family a calm and happy week ahead.

  4. what can i say? what a week for you. Have a great sunday and far happier week ahead. i am sending you loads of positive thoughts and lots of love blog styley. xx

  5. Cor blimey, that's a week and a half! I wasn't allowed my ears pieced until I was 18 (by which time the desire to do it had passed!), so tell your youngest she's a lucky lady!

  6. Ah thanks ladies, I'm having a cup of tea after walking Miss Ivy (The family G's lovely whippet).
    I'm a lickle bit tirrrrrred......zzzzzzzzz!
    happy weekend xxx

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. I do hope that you are having a much better week.. Lizzie xx