Friday, 8 July 2011

I'M STILL HERE...........

Obviously I've got brilliant stuff to show you ( :-) it's just until this flippin' bloggy thing sorts itself or I chuck it out of the window I can only ramble.

Here are a few notings -
• It's raining!
• I burnt my banana and chocolate muffins (sorry Sheila).
• I'm wearing my son's walking boots in for him so he doesn't get blisters at scout camp (I know aren't I lovely?)
• It's my mother-in-law's birthday and my friend Donna's birthday today - happy birthday ladies xx
• It's raining!
• Radio 2's Chris Evans show made me cry this morning
• Think I'm getting a blister.
• I've eaten 2 burnt banana muffins
• It's raining!

To be continued..................


  1. frustrating isn't it I too have had problems with posting .I'm on google chrome probably makes no difference at all but since switching to that its been ok .....maybe I'm tempting fate now.
    Your blogs always brighten my day its raining here in Nottingham toooo x

  2. I'll ask Paul J for you, he always answers my questions he's very clever

  3. Poor you with the Blogger problems (and the rain and the blister)! I've certainly been having some problems with photos - I sometimes have to press 'Add selected' several times over before the photo actually pops into the post. I so wanted to listen to Chris Evans all the way through today, but I had to go to work. Might have to listen to it on catch-up service, though I will no doubt cry too if I do!

  4. How good a mum are you! wearing his boots, bless!! i might catch up on the chris evens show tonight, xx

  5. i'm loving the chatty blog. You are indeed the best mum in the world to wear in the boots. I hear sleeping in new shoes helps, but Tim was never keen on sharing a bed with a boot wearing wife...can't think why?! I've had to mend Tim's adventure necklace the leather you put on had worn away, i bought him some leather so hopefully all will be good. I've also had to invest in some thin leather to mend my button bracelets, honestly you don'e make them to last do you. I've only been wearing them for nearly 2 years through, sea and snow and they're starting to go too! Hope i can fix them like you would other wise i'll just have to bring them back for a re-thread from the button queen :)
    hope you pics come back soon, until them keep up the chit chat.......
    LOVE you xxxx

  6. I am NOT sleeping in the boots.
    He shall be wearing them himself today to take Ivy (the family G's lovely whippet) out for a trot.
    ps it's raining again!
    pps it's also it really July?

  7. Thank you for my birthday comments, happy to see your comments ... think you should have your own show ! cakes sound yummy - as was your lovely banana cake which didn't touch the sides ! xx Donna xxx