Saturday, 4 June 2011

just like new.......

today I have been mostly washing my old converse.
I can't bare to chuck them out,

so they've had a stint in the washing machine

and they're smelling


  1. You might of said earlier, you could of popped mine in too ;) Yes what is it with hoarding converse, I'm the same!xx

  2. Eye candy! It must be very satisfying to see your clean converse shoes on the line. I love the black and white photo, as it leaves you imagining what colours they are.

  3. Next in the machine are a few (stinky) pairs of bennsimon........phew they really need the DAZ challenge!
    Let's hope it's sunny tomorrow xx

  4. Didn't realise you could machine wash them. I have a few pairs that could do with a spruce up! Hope you're having a good weekend! Lx

  5. I'm just breaking in new ones... my old pair (12 years!) had to be replaced as there was absolutely no tread left and I just kept slipping... I was ruthless though and binned them! x

  6. I've only binned one pair as they were beyond help, they've gone to that great stinky footwear cupboard in the sky

  7. hope you didn't get as much rain as us! i love washing trainers but with my son the smell comes back by the second day... don't tell him i said that! xx